This is YURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Girlfriend manga review)

Thinking all the way back to my childhood to now, i have never actually read through a full manga. I never had the attention span for such things when i was younger (although for some reason, books were never a problem. I actually have a problem trying to stop reading a book). Hence when my friends started suggesting Manga to me, i usually would say no. Until my friends hit a man’s weak spot. My libido. They recommended me a Manga called Girl Friends by Milk Morinaga and implored me to read it. With a name as such, i inquired about the plot but their only answer was “We can’t tell you or it’ll ruin the story but its about lesbians” to which my interest was subtly piqued. That and their secrecy convinced me to read it. I have many opinions about various things but i have a rule that i will only argue about my opinion if i have actually tried the activity and felt that my opinion remained true.

So with reluctance, I went to download the Girl Friends translation from the Interwebz. Firstly, this would not be the first time I had contact with Yuri. The first time was with Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo but I tried that one out of sheer boredom and not because of the Yuri aspect. And therefore, i plunged into Girl Friends and read the first chapter.

And boy was it an AMAZING read. I marathon-ed the 5 volumes all in one night and I felt immense satisfaction when i finished it. How should i explain its awesomeness in words…

Firstly, the plot line was exceptionally good. I despise romance stories that lack any complexity and problems. I like complexity and solving them gives me satisfaction. The main plot of Girl Friends is about 2 high school girls and their growing romantic feelings towards each other as the story progresses.I love the problems encountered in Girl Friends as Mari and Akko attempt to make their feelings connect while they both felt that the other was rejecting her. The subtle complexity of how such feelings bloomed was another highlight while i read it. I even found their idle chats about fashion and make-up quite entertaining despite my avoidance of such topics as it was presented exceptionally well. Also, the way such issues were presented makes the readers care about their feelings and i actually could relate to how Mari was feeling in the beginning (with a girl, not a dood cuz im very sure i ain’t gay) and it just makes the story all the more enjoyable.

And you can’t talk about a Manga without discussing its art. I adore Milk Morinaga’s artwork. Its simply stunning and I really wish that they could be in full colour (an idle hope maybe).  I’m not a very artistic person but I do appreciate good art. So i’m unable to describe what i like about her artwork. How about i let them speak for themselves?

Ahhh, and the quintessential Yuri:

I really want them to re-print in full colour. its even better that way

And to sum it all up, here if my final reaction to this wonderful piece of work

I enjoyed Milk Morinaga’s best work and she is definitely one of my favourite mangaka


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  1. Girl Friends is probably my favorite yuri manga ever. And it’s certainly the most influential one of recent days. Loved it!!

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