This makes me =3 (Candy Boy anime review)

Recently, i watched finish another anime in my extended backlog. I’ve been occupied with exams and a school trip to New Zealand the previous month so i somehow accumulated a backlog despite the low number of shows i watch 😛

So anyway, i was overjoyed that i finished one more and i really enjoyed Candy Boy from the start to the end. I’m still listening to the music videos included in my download of it 😛

Candy Boy started as an ONA that led to a seven episode anime about the Yuri relatioship between twin sisters in high school and the problems faced by them. Firstly, this might be the only incest themed anime i ever liked. I’ve seen others and personally they’re all weird to me.

I really enjoyed Candy Boy because of the sweetness (and the dawwwwww-ness) as well as the general lightness. It was not as heavy as the others i have watched thus far so it was easy to watch and digest, like K-ON. I liked the little complications here and there about the relationship between Kanade and Yukino as well as those with Sakuya (what a cute little stalker) and Shizuku. I enjoy little complexities and problems so this was definitely enjoyable. The personalities of the characters were also well developed and made the anime have more depth.

The animation was also beautiful and pleasing to the eye. The characters are all distinct and clear and don’t all look alike (except for Kanade and Yukino, but hey! they’re twins after all). The movements were smooth and realistic and it was done wonderfully well.

Also, i’m addicted to the OD and ED songs….. =3


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  1. I enjoyed episode 3, trip home, airplane scene was awsome

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