Yuri Spam (Hoshikawa Ginzo District 4, Two and Two, Momo, Botan and Lily Blossom, Kimi Koi Limit, Pixy Gale and Love Cubic review)

So recently, my school’s holidays just ended. So just as Summer vacation started for some, mine tragically ends. The memories of the New Zealand will forever be imprinted im my mind and make my heart ache to return.

And since it has been the holidays, a lot of procrastination from holiday assignments meant i managed to read quite a lot.  Mostly they’ve been short manga series and here are the few i enjoyed greatly (slight spoilers)

Hoshikawa Ginzo District 4

A manga about high school teacher, Nakagawa Minato, and her relationship with the girl under her care, Matsuda Otome. Matsude had a hard time growing up in a dysfunctional family and is now under the care of Minato who is her guardian. The manga explores the relationship between the 2 of them as it go from child/guardian to something Yuri and also the problems faced by them.

This was a wonderful manga to read as i really liked the way they presented the character’s and explored their personalities and feelings. I really enjoyed the confusions and struggles faced by both parties as they attempt to come to grips with their feelings for the other =3 .

Drawn well, with a well told story, a worthwhile read and one of the sources of my procrastination towards my schoolwork (some of which still is undone 😛 )

Two and Two

I like yoshitomi akihito’s work. He drew Eat-man, one of my favourite mangas of all time and definitely my longest to date (84 chapters!!). This was one of the other series done by him that i decided to pursue out of curiosity and I really enjoyed it 😀

The story tells of 2 intersecting love triangles between 4 girls (Ayumi, Sayako, Asami and Keiko) and their feelings as they struggle to choose their other-half. Although the character designs were similar and hard to distinguish one from the other, the personalities of the characters aids to dispel the artwork’s drawbacks (Ayumi is such a tsundere :P)

Lets just say the ending was unexpected. Although I didn’t quite like how it ended, it was still a great read about emotions and complications faced in a relationship

Momo, Botan and lily blossoms

This was another story picked up on a whim and read instead of doing my schoolwork. A story about a maid cafe and 2 of the girls working there. Botan is the most popular server there and all the customers love her. However, in real life, she’s actually a tsundere and a complete slob. So when confessed to by the innocent Momo, she rejects here immediately and goes into a state of mental distress. The manga follows Botant trying to decipher her mixed feelings towards Momo and find out what she really feels for her colleague.

A great short read, with a great character design and a flair of comedy, it’s a light-hearted read for a quick Yuri fix, I took all of 30 minutes to finish the 5 chapters (i’m not sure if there will be more. I hope so =3

Kimi Koi Limit

This is another story picked up on a whim when i glanced it on Papaya Scan’s website. And i really liked this one too (this phrase is gonna repeated a lot in this post :P) The story follows the life of Sono after high school when she tried to confess to Sato and was rejected. Now living as a leecher in her girlfriends Hirko’s apartment, she gets tossed out when she cries out Sato’s name during sex ( =3 ).

Although there are only 3 chapters in English thus far, im hooked to this series already. The artwork is stunning and detailed and the story line very compelling. One can clearly see Sono’s confusion at the way she feels for Sono despite having Hiroko. I won’t spoil it anymore than, just go check it out~

ZOMG, beautiful artwork, cant resist putting another

Pixy Gale

This was another one picked up on a whim (wow, i’ve got a lot of manga and anime picked up on a whim) I saw the front page and my interest was piqued so i went to find the manga. And being as bored as I was, I downloaded it and read through the 10 translated chapters.

Its a very compelling story of loyalty and crossing feelings. Rikano has feelings for Lolei but Lolei seems to be only interested in following her master’s final orders. Since Rikano had a heart transplant from Lolei’s master, Lolei has decided to protect her as is she was her master. The story surrounds Lolei trying to protect Rikano from people who wants her heart and as Rikano tries to get her feelings through to Lolei (*tsun *tsun) =3

Love Cubic

AND finally, the last one today. This was NOT picked up on a whim and was actually recommended by someone (can’t remeber who though 😛 sowee i forgot u~~). I forgot about this for quite a while until i found my list of manga I wanted to read. So I went to download it and I gotta say, not a bad recommendation~


It’s done in an art style I just adore with all that sparkly stuff (reminds me of Girlfriends and Gokujou drops…) The storyline originally had me uber confused but it was really enjoyable when I got it. So the story focuses on love triangles (again) between Yusami, Sena, Kurumi and Miyuki  ( 4 again. IKR). I like how this manga focuses on the confused feelings of Yusami as she tries to decipher if what she feels for Sena is just close friendship or perhaps something more~~The central problem was also quite well thought out and presented (although i cant say its the best idea in the world to write about something like that) and I like how it brought all the characters together to understand their feelings =3

And so, my epic spam of Yuri shall end. School has started and I gotta finish this pile of work these manga (and anime) caused me…peace out


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