The music of love ( Octave manga review)

Good lord, that was a cheesy pun for a title. Forgive me for it but I couldn’t resist.

I picked up the Octave manga for a really simple reason. I had just completed both Girlfriends and Gokujou Drops and I was looking for my next Yuri fix. Following a recommendation (from who I have forgotten and I apologize for this), I decided to read Octave.

Octave follows the story Yukino Miyashita. After she and her friends achieved their dream to become a band, the band sadly broke up shortly after as it did not sell well. Returning to school, she faced alienation from her peers and a solitary life. Now 18, she resides in Tokyo, attempting to make a living as a talent manager. The main plot of the manga begins when she meets Setsuko, a song writer, who had also once belonged to a failed idol group. That fateful meeting sparks romance between the 2 and causes both parties to re-think their perception of life.

Overall, I enjoyed this manga. It was more mature and angsty than Girlfriends and Gokujou Drops. Although it was just as ecchi as Gokujou Drops, it wasn’t as cute as Girlfriends. Still I enjoyed reading through it as it told a story on the more bleak side of Yuri and the problems encountered in a relationship.

Firstly, the storyline for Octave was extremely absorbing. I was raging when I had to wait for the next chapters to be scanlated because I wanted to continue the story very badly. It touches upon the grey zone of Yuri, away from all the cuteness and fluffiness. It tells of the everyday problems of being in a relationship, especially on of the Yuri kind. Misunderstandings occupy the majority of the problems encountered. I felt the story of the couple was told well and the arcs all were well thought out.

In terms of character design, this is where Octave might surpass Gokujou drops (and maybe Girlfriends) in my opinion. The emotions and feelings of each character was portrayed exceptionally well. It added a real depth to the story being told and the difficulties encountered seemed to be more dire. Octave forced me to slow down my normal pace (which is really fast. I can finish 6 volumes in a span of 3 hours) of reading so that I could take time to contemplate the situations and the emotions.

The artwork for Octave was also decent. Not as detailed as Gokujou Drops or Girlfriends defintely but still satisfying and helped to deliver the plot well.

Overall, a definite must-read for Yuri fans in my opinion. You can’t just read all the jolly, cute stuff or you won’t enjoy them as much. Sometimes a manga with a tinge of sadness and depression is good too. This manga receives my:


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  1. Nice review. ^ ^
    This is indeed a lot more angsty and mature than most yuri manga, but I think that’s part of its charm. Not enough manga treat lesbian relationships with more than a sexual/ fantasy romance angle, so this is a nice step in a weightier look at love and relationships. I love it.

    • It definitely a good read. it placed a nice spin on my perspective towards Yuri. Then again too much romance and fluffiness ain’t too good for you. Gotta have a refreshing change once in a while ;D

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