Another multi-manga spam post part 1( Hana no Iro, Kuchibiru no Suketa Orange, Mare, Marriage Black, Nozoki Ana, Prism ,Sayonara Folklore impressions)

So recently, I’ve decided to once again add to my manga list. Why? because I finished all those I had and I was getting impatient waiting for new chapters to I got new mangas. Thats why. And most of them are Yuri as I wanted my next awesome Yuri fix (like a boss XD). Ok that’s the shortest intro ever so let’s get to the impressions eh?

I have completed reading ANY of these manga. That’s why its an impressions post and not a mass review. Most of them are also still in the process of being scanslated or being published.

Hana no Iro

This was a manga found on YuriGirl’s blog and picked up as I thought it seemed like a good read.

A manga about Yuri within a high school film club with a rather surprising secret. I will not give any further spoilers ;D

On first impressions, its seems kind off shallow with decent artwork. I hope the story deepens as it progress further. I did enjoy it though as it had a rather interesting core concept in its storyline.

Kuchibiru no Suketa Orange 




This was found as I was roaming the internet. It seemed like a rather good contender as my next Yuri fix along with Kimi Koi Limit and Hoshikawa Ginzo Distrcit 4 Hence I picked it up.

It has a rather generic storyline. A transfer student comes to the school and becomes popular and one of the lesser known students finds herself falling in love with her as they spend time with each other.

However, this manga seemed like a great read as firstly, the artwork is amazing. Hair, uniforms, expressions are all drawn excellently. Secondly, this manga portrays emotions very well. The desire of the main character to send her feelings to her crush was shown in a extremely apt manner. A highly recommended read but it wasn’t that strong a contender for a good yuri fix as the story seems generic.


This was another manga that seemed to be an excellent contender for my next great Yuri read and by far the strongest thus far. Picked up from YuriGirl’s blog, I’m just itching for the next chapter of this wonderful Yuri manga.

Megu has just started her first day in high school when a beautiful girl approaches her and hugs her, declaring herself as Hikaru, whom Megu had fallen in love with as a child as she though Hikaru had been a boy.

This manga is definitely one of my new favorites and i’ve only read the first chapter. The artwork is simple and elegant, the emotions portrayed excellently and the storyline extremely addictive. I’m really looking forward to Dynasty Scans releasing the second chapter. This is, without a doubt, a must read.

Sayonara Folklore

Once again, another contender for the next Yuri fix. This was as promising as Prism as they both had intriguing storylines i’ve never read before. Also picked up from YuriGirl’s blog, this manga also leave me desiring for more.

The story follows Takase, a student at an all-girls high school with a taboo against Yuri relationships after 2 lover committed suicide. A new student, Sumika, transfer to this school and becomes Takase’s roommate. Sumika attempts to convince Takase to become her lover so that she will be expelled as she hates the school. Takase willingly agrees but in the end, finds herself falling for Sumika.

The excellent storyline marked this manga out as an excellent read. The artwork was also done well and it just so happened to be in a style I enjoy greatly. In my opinions, the emotions shown in this manga are deeper than those in Prism but they’re both still really strong contenders as the next great yuri fix.

Marriage Black

A very interesting manga with similarities to Romeo and Juliet involving a family feud between 2 families. I would really like to read the next chapter of this manga as soon as it comes out. I started reading this on a recommendation I read in someone’s comments on a blog (once again, i’ve forgotten who or where so please pardon me)

I really enjoyed this manga as it had a very good storyline. I’m really looking forward to see how it works out in the end. The art is also done well. I especially enjoyed the way the characters where dressed. The various emotions were also portrayed well. Another highly recommended read.


This particular manga was picked simply because Milk Morinaga drew it. I really like her work and this seemed like an interesting read. Its not really Yuri but they are some bits which are.

The story follows a mysterious girl transferring to a school who seems to have other-worldly powers at her disposal.  Its follows her as she carries out tasks of rather questionable intentions. She is similar to an anti-hero actually, like Deadpool or Eat-man.

As always, Milk Morinaga’s artwork is excellent. The storyline is rather curious, as the girl seems to work for the devil’s servants and controls them. Overall a very dark and interesting read, perhaps as something to read if you wish to have something different?

Nozoki Ana

A rather interesting manga with a curious choice as a central theme. I decided to read this manga after 2D teleidoscope’s blog entry piqued my interest about it. It seemed like a good way to past some time reading a good story.

This manga follows the life of Tatsuhiko Kido after he moves to Tokyo to further his studies. Upon moving into his new apartment, he discovers a hole in the wall between his apartment and the next, later to find out the person he had glanced through the hole was his classmate. Further high-jinks and hilarity ensure.

Thus far, this manga has not disappointed me and is incredibly entertaining. And the way it demonstrates on the activities of voyeurism is hilarious and appropriate. The storyline is also worth mentioning as it was quite good. A good way to pass time reading something entertaining.

Part 2 which includes YuruYuri, Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian, Candy Boy: Young Girls fall in love, Nobara no Mori no Otometachi and Toradora will be published soon. till then, CyborgCommunist out~~


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  1. Holy crap that’s a long title. Came here via your shameless self-advertisement on twitter.

    Is it me or were some of the series in the title missing?

    And also,Orange is good, you should finish it IMO

  2. There are quite a few yuri manga titles I haven’t seen before. Off to read them now! Thanks!!

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