Another multi-manga spam post part 2 ( Yuru Yuri, Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian, Candy Boy: Young Girls Fall in Love, Nobara no Mori no Otemachi, ToraDora and Haru Yo Koi impressions)

One completely unrelated Yuri image just for the hell of it

I’ve finally got around to writing part 2 of this post.

As before, these manga are either still in scanlation, still ongoing or I have not through the whole thing.

I was told by @fkeroge my posts are really really long so I’ve decided that it’ll be a good idea to shorten it ^ ^

Yuru Yuri

does that hand gesture not seem just a tad bit offensive?

A manga series about light Yuri in a middle school, between the girls of the “amusement” club. This is an excellent read for some light-hearted comedy and romance. A paraphrase of a quote from @fkeroge kinda sums it up: “K-ON is about cute girls doing cute things. Yuru Yuri is about cute girls doing cute things to EACH OTHER. There’s a difference there see”

Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian

Another work from the mangaka that drew Kannazuki no Miko, one of my favourite yuri reads, this manga also uses the characters of Himeko and Chikane. Once again, it’s storyline is supernatural, with a group of people plotting to kill God.

Although this manga seemed like a good read, I was disappointed by it as it seemed to just be fanservice after fanservice, which kinda irked me. The storyline is decent though so that might redeem it as I read on.

Candy Boy: Young Girls Fall in Love

A manga set in the same timeline as Candy Boy, this follows the story of Sakuya , Kanada’s little stalker, and her friends. Another light-hearted manga, it’s also an excellent read to for some laughs. Although the Yuri is definitely not overt, the subtext sure is there. Its a great complimentary read after Candy Boy.

Nobara no Mori no Otemachi

This manga was picked up on a whim after I saw a screenshot of it and decided it looked nice. Although the artwork is beautiful, it’s storyline is generic, very similar to Strawberry Panic’s, in almost every aspect. Although the story is generic, it is a tried and true storyline so it all  depends on how the characters are portrayed so evaluate how good it is. Currently i’ve only read 4 chapters but it seems promising in that aspect.

The artwork is gorgeous


This particular manga was picked up after my Real-Life friends bugged me incessantly about it for a long period of time. However he did NOT tell me it was an ongoing manga so i’m kinda pissed having to wait for chapters once i’m done with what I have since I did enjoy it a lot. This is a comedy romance manga, between a short tsundere and a guy who is generally avoid by everyone. A match made in heaven. Prepare for hilarity and absolute silliness as you read this. At times it’s light-hearted, at times, extremely heavy but overall, an excellent read.

Damn my friend for forgetting to inform me it’s ongoing. I don’t like waiting


Haru Yo Koi

This manga was also picked up on a whim after I read a lot of tweets about it, hence piquing my interest in it. The manga’s general storyline is about a guy who one day finds out his sister is moving in with him after she got kicked out of high school for doing ecchi stuff with another girl. Shortly after, his sister’s lover finds them and eventually moves in too, starting a chain of events.

In general, this manga had me head-desking and face-fisting as it got incredibly complicated and angsty. Not that I have anything against them but this seems excessive. Despite that, I really liked this manga overall as it has rather compelling story arcs. I’m really hoping for a happy end for everyone.

And this is the end of Part 2. I might decide to do Part 3 as I start reading more manga. This post was only 665 words long so I suppose I have kinda accomplish my mission to shorten it XD.

The manga’s I have downloaded and are intending to start include Emma and Elfen Lied ;D


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  1. First!! xD Nice post as usual.. It’s shorter, but still way longer than what I usually used to write.

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