Guess what, it’s more Yuri~~

Well, I haven’t been able to find a manga recently that gave me a nice and long Yuri fix of dawwwnessssssssss so i’ve been re-reading stuff and browsing the Interwebz a lot for such material. Over the course of said actions, I have established what are in fact, my favourite Yuri pairings up to now~~ x3

This post is mostly a fan-gasm by me. For the dawwwwwss!!!!!! (WARNING, this post will mostly be pics. Prepare to experience some internet lag XD. Also, some of the pics may be spoilers.)

Canon Pairings

First up, the pairing from my favourite Yuri manga, Girlfriends~~

Mari X Akko is simply amazing. Their artwork and appearance were breathtaking, their characters and personalities well-developed and their relationship beautiful~~

I really liked them as I could relate exactly to what Mari felt. The difference is that i’m a guy but other than that, exactly the same. The other difference was that I got rejected by the girl XD but that’s life.

Next, would be Komari X Hime from Gokujou Drops!!

I feel ashamed I can’t spell this manga’s name right when I want to due to the fact I loved it and this couple. Although I didn’t quite like the slightly stick-ish look they have, I’ve grown to love it as I did with Strawberry Panic.

Cute, emotional with great interactions and ecchi, this couple is extremely lovable.

Arare X Kiri would be next choice. I’m not sure if Heart-pounding excitement at Monomoke academy is considered a “famous” work but this couple from the manga is definitely a favourite. The way they act is extremely adorable and their relationship is full of dawwws and awwwws. I’m was extremely glad it turned out alright in the end XD

Nanao X Matsumoto from Pure Water Adolescence would be another pairing I love. Although it’s cute too, I loved this couple because of their emotional relationship with each other. Wonderfully done and created if I had to say.

This next couple is from another of Milk Morinaga’s works, Nana X Hitomi. I really enjoyed this couple for the same reasons as Mari X Akko. Milk Morinaga’s artwork is simply stunning and really brought them to life x3 I really hope she continues this series

This couple is from Kaicho to Fukukaichou, Fuji X Ashizuka. Despite it being a very shirt series like pure water adolescence and Nana X Hitomi, I really loved this couple. Just remebering their story makes me daaaawwwwwwww. You really have to read this wonderful piece of work to understand what I’m blogging about.

Kanade X Yukino from Candy Boy is definetely in my list as well. Who couldn’t love them? They’re epically adorable x3 and their story was incredibly compellin

Lastly for canon couples, Ayumu X Misuzu from Blue Friend. Their story was extremely moving and their relationship, despite full of complications and problems, was extremely beautiful.

A pity none of the couples from the anime i’ve watched thus far are in this list. I’m hoping Mai – Hime can change that x3

Non – Canon

First up, definetely my favourite of all non-canon couples, Sakuya X Meiling from Touhou. Good lord, I love this couple to the max!!! Although appearances differ in Doujins, they’re basically the same couple that I love. Sakuya who tries to act tough but actually is soft on the inside and Meiling who is always there and caring. x3 x3 x3 x3

Second, another couple from Touhou, Alice X Marisa. The cuteness value from this couple in the doujin’s i’ve read is over 9000. They’re just seem to be a perfect match.




Next, is Sayaka X Kyouko from Puella Magi x3. Although they didn’t seem like it, they are wonderful together.



Mami X Madoka is another couple i’ve come to appreciate. Although I have ye tot read a doujin about them, they just seemed to complement each other so well in the anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Tralala, and now its Miku X Luka, my favourite vocaloids. Not much to say, just enjoy eh?

This next pairing is really cute. No doubt about it. Mio X Ritsu from K-ON is one giant dawwwwww fest.

This next couple is hardly mentioned but I like them more than Yui X Azusa, Yui X Himeko. Yes himeko, the little-known girl who sits next to Yui in class. (oh god, those socks…)

This list could have included more but it would have gotten really long if I added all the Sono Hanabira couples and such so i’ll leave it as it is now. x3


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  1. Oho. I love Alice X Marisa too. Not Reimu x Marisa thank goodness =P

  2. Pretty much all the favorite manga and things in this post! ♥

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