Cuteness Overload (The Miko’s Word and the Witch’s Incantations manga review)

I recently decided I wanted to read more Yuri and started reading all the Yuri Hime magazines. This manga was one of the serialized stories in Yuri Shimai then Yuri Hime which I greatly enjoyed.

a lil Yuri. Right of the bat


Following the story of witch from Germany coming to Japan to view architecture, Letty stumbles upon a shrine protected by a barrier and forces herself in using her abilities. Within, she meets Tsumugi, the shrine maiden enshrined withing. From there, sweet romance blooms~

This story captured by attention immediately on the first chapter as the artwork was incredibly pleasing to the eye. And the first 4 pages were in colour so that caught my eye too. I love the soft drawing style and textures this manga uses as it brings out the characters cuteness incredibly well, especially Tsumugi’s naive and cute innocence. Their character interactions are adorable due to Tsumugi’s completely naivety and Letty’s awkwardness in attempting to explain to her. I’m a sucker for blushes and the transitioning chibi scenes so this magna hit my moe spot x3

that beyond adorable

The storyline for this manga was also very appealing. It started out light-hearted and humorously, to build up the characters in our minds then tosses them into great adversity. I was incredibly glad the story ended well because I really enjoyed this sweet couple.  I would have been extremely pissed if it ended sadly. I don’t enjoy being trolled.

DUN DUN DUN!!! What will happen next? Read it and you'll know ;D

Definitely a highly recommended read, even if you’re not into the fantasy aspect of it (I’m more of a sci-fi guy) you would not be able to resist its intense cuteness. Astonishingly memorable, it left a lasting impression on me.


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  1. I loooove fantasy, and this art is soooo cuuuuteeee!! This have a special place in my heart too.
    Tsumugi can’t live without Letty…in every sense of word ^___^
    Totally loving it <3<3<3

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