Gimme more ichigo!!!! (Strawberry Shake Sweet manga review)

This manga is another from Yuri Shimai and Yuri Hime. I picked this manga up by accident after I read the 1st chapter and my OCD forced me to get the rest. And i’m glad I did.

It is a wonderful story. Strawberry Shake Sweet is a Yuri comedy and now its definitely one of my favourite manga. It was incredibly entertaining to read and great for relaxing as I prepare for my exams. Being light-hearted and humorous, there’s not much to think about as you read this manga, just enjoy with a grin on your face.

The story is on Julia, a model at a talent company who one day was made the sempai of a new girl, Ran. From their first meeting, the hilarity and romance ensures.

The reason I enjoyed it a lot was because of the artwork. Very reminiscent of Girlfriends artwork, I LOVE this kind of drawing. The light blushes, the flashy backgrounds. Especially the way the characters were drawn. Not to thin, or with incredibly wide or long faces, just perfect for me.

The characters were also adorable. Ran’s thickheaded-ness and her naivety coupled with Julia’s expressive, high-octane behaviour just seem to make them perfect for each other. Its extremely entertaining to read their interactions, especially when misunderstandings come about.


just a lil thick XD

a lil spoiler for you

Overall, a very highly recommended read. Definitely a manga that’s going onto my favourites list


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