No, It’s not incest (First Love Sisters Manga Review)

BLAM. Some Yuri for you~~

Another wonderful manga I picked up from Yuri Hime, My first impression of it was “Oh nice, just what I need to de-stress with during my exams period. Nothing like a cute fluffy Yuri to lift my spirits”. Boy was I wrong. Although not as angsty or emotional as Octave, this manga might just be a close second. The cute artwork belies the actual storyline of this excellent manga.

At least now you know where the name came from XD

From the first chapter, I knew this is going to be an emotional rollercoaster ride. And I was not disappointed. Although not what I originally wanted, this manga did complete the intended objective a long better than I thought. I felt incredibly satisfied after finishing it. It was extremely effective at taking my mind of the exams.

This is, without a doubt, one of my favourite kissing scenes. EVER

The story follows Matsuzato Chika, a 1st year high school student entering the high school of her dreams. She chose this school to get a chance to meet the girl who had gave her a tour of the school on visitor’s day and left a deep impression on Chika. Finally being able to meet Kizaki Haruna again, she is overjoyed. However, she is ignored by Haruna after meeting again and is left feeling confused and depressed. From here on, the story is an up and down joyride of joyous feelings and depressing thoughts as the story progresses.

fluffy happiness~~




I truly loved this manga. This is definitely going onto my favourites list next to the others like Girlfriends and Gokujou drops. Although not as long or as “action” (*ahem* kissing *ahem*)  packed as the others, this manga excels in building up the characters’ personalities. Also, there are many adorable couples for a short, 3 volume series. I felt they really did build up well on Haruna’s and Chika’s relationship and personalities. Chika is an adorable, excitable girl and Haruna is a reserved, shy character. Chika is like a catalyst to activate Haruna’s more outgoing side, who is more open with her feelings, especially towards Chika x3.

cuteness catalyst activated!!

It's Super Effective. Haruna sure progressed a lot over the course of the story

Adorable couple 2, Kiraka X Miyuu

Couple 3, Akiho X Touko. Guess what happens in the next page~

Couple 4, Chiori X Rie

The artwork for this manga was what drew me to it first. As I have said before, I’m a sucker for the light blushes and fluffy backgrounds. This style of artwork, similar to Girlfriends and Strawberry Shake Sweet, really hits the visual sweet spot for me. I still can’t enough. I actually felt a little disappointed as they weren’t a lot of kissing scenes or adorable Yuri action…

I wants more!!! I needs more!!!

Yuri Hime is definitely the treasure trove I thought it would be. I’ve already read so many excellent and deeply satisfying one-shots and manga series. If you have the time to, I would recommends reading through most of it ;D

Overall, First Love Sisters was not what I had thought it would be, but it did not let me down at all and is sure as hell worthy of being called one of the definitive Yuri works. Yes, that phrase is plastered on the front cover. I highly recommend reading this.


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  1. fluffypuffyuffy

    Awwwww :3 that was truly awesome manga. I really fell in love with Haruna’s character~

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