Tis the Season for Love~ (Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter manga review)

Yuri FTW!!!!

I decided to pick up this manga after I read some of the chapters published in Yuri Hime and decided that I really liked it. It’s a rather short series, only 9 chapters long but it is a great read.

First up, is the amazing artwork of this series. It was extreme eye candy for me. The figure of the characters, the contours of their bodies (very very much tempting…) and their faces. You can tell the artist spent a lot of time and effort drawing this story. The expressions are done beautifully and overall, it’s just achingly beautiful to look at.

ooo, what a bold girl XD

However, just because a manga is a visual orgasm doesn’t mean it will have a good story. Happily, this one doesn’t disappoint.The story follows 3 different couples,each with chapters dedicated to them and each with their own distinct story. Although it is a little cliched, it is still really entertaining and enjoyable. Most of all, because of the extremely well drawn facial expressions, you can easily tell and sympathize with the feelings of the characters (yes, i’m a sucker for sentimentality).

Reiko and Ayano

Fukuya and Natsuki

Haruka and Akiho

So yes, this is highly recommended is you want a quick and extremely enjoyable read.

RAWRRR!! the school's 2 most famous lesbians face off XD

P.S I haven’t been able to post for a while since I was having my exams. So to make up for it, there’s gonna be a lot of posts here in the next couple of days ^.^


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  1. I really enjoy this mangaka’s works. There’s something about those eyes. Very harsh, but so gorgeous! Anyway, loved this manga. The way the three stories weave together is nice too.

  2. Oh I just love how their “prey” (Natsuki and Akiho) actually hold the upper power in their relationship ^_^

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