The trials of an Unrequited Love……….(Honey Crush manga review)

They say that love has no boundaries and this manga does prove that it indeed doesn’t. A beautiful yuri love story between a ghost who cannot pass on due to her regrets and the girl whom she loves. I decided to read this manga after reading a interesting conversation about it on Twitter. I had set this story aside for future reading but the conversation convinced me to start reading it instantly. And I have no regrets for doing so. It was probably the best thing I did during my exam period.

Love can be very distracting huh? And what a shocking way to start a story

A rival has arrived!!

Firstly, being a guy, i’m a visual creature. I really enjoy 2 kinds of manga artwork: the slightly erotic slender and curvy characters designs (This would be a great example)  and the cute and fluffy (sometimes descending into chibi) character designs (This would be fine example for this form of artwork). This manga falls into the latter  of the 2 types and I think it really fits the story.

Kyouko is such a nice girl X3

The painful truth DX

This story was definitely one of the best I’ve read in a while. Quite nearly reduced me to tears too. I usually don’t enjoy read bittersweet stories cause they leave me feeling inadvertently sad but this was definitely a great story to convince me to read some more. It really is a beautiful love story. The story mainly revolves around Mitsu, a girl who was killed in a horrific traffic accident and who cannot pass on to heaven as she still has regrets about life, mainly about Madoka, the girl she is infatuated with. Then she meets Kyouko, a new transfer student into Madoka’s class who has the ability to see ghosts and who also has a romantic interest in Madoka. From there, this story just blossoms into an amazing story with a conclusion that is incredibly touching. I’m sure as hell not going to spoil it now so I’ll leave it at that ;D


Don't we all want that Mitsu?

Madoka in all her glory XD

oh ho? A complication has arisen

I really enjoyed this story as I think I was able to connect to it. I could sympathize with what Mitsu felt like chasing after Madoka, now being able to follow her everywhere but being completely unable to interact with her. If you ever had a love interest, this feeling is somewhat similar as you attempt to figure out what the other party’s feelings towards you are. I found this story similar to my first crush although mine did not end as well as this story did XD(Rejection, just as painful as an unrequited love). Still, this story is wonderful thought out and drawn. I highly recommend it so READ IT NOW!!!

Now what could have happened? Read to find out XD

P.S Yuri Hime sure gives me a lot of good stories. This was another one of the stories published in it


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  1. Just read it. A nice story. Way too short. The transition from Mitsu’s love of Madoka to Kyouko felt rather clumsy. I attribute that to the brevity.

    • It was rather short and would be nicer if it was longer ^.^
      But yeah, although the change was rather abrupt, it think it because Mitsu just has a crush on Madoka but fell in love with Kyouko after getting to know her.
      Still a nice story, just too short.

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