This might be a rant. Or it might make sense

This is a post idea that’s been on my mind for a while now and I decided what could be a better day to publish this than on the day my blog hit 1000 views? So here it is!!

This post is not a review of anything or a fan-gasm post. This post in an expository on an idea that’s been on my mind for the last week and it all began with this:

I recently completed reading Aqua Blue Cinema and Clover, both by the same mangaka and this particular page caught my interest the most. I’ve seen that very line is so many of the Yuri manga I’ve read and thought: “Why is being homosexual gross or wrong?”

As a child, I was brought up in Singapore, and we’re a very conservative society. My parents are also extremely conservative. The instant I hit 9 years of age I was prohibited from having physical contact with a girl (for whatever reasons I have still not deciphered but I suppose it was in fear that I get romantic feelings for a girl????). I was also taught, as a kid, about the social norms that should be followed as they are “good” and those actions or people who opposed this norms were “bad” which included homosexuals. As a kid, I suppose I remembered my parents messages and ideas after having them beaten into me, especially when I disobeyed them.

However, my mind did drift onto the rebellious path as I grew older and I decided not to follow my parent’s reasoning and ideas.  Over time, it may seem these “good” values were of your own thinking but in truth, they were instilled by figures who dominate over your existence, particularly your parents. I believe that you have to follow your own thoughts and opinion of things, and not those others have instilled into you, so I went on an Internet crusade to find out more on the good and bad on the subjects my parents thought me.


After a while, I came to various conclusions on various subjects and formulated my own opinions of them. In relation to this post, I’ve decided that there is nothing wrong with being homosexual. It’s not a sin nor is it an abomination and it is not something that should be banned by laws. And I’ve kept to this opinion thus far. It was only recently, after a lengthy debate with my friends, that I decided to find other people’s view on the matter. Reading someone anonymous view on this matter does not have the same gravity as learning about people whom you know views on the matter. And their answers did not surprise me. “It’s bad, It’s evil, It’s wrong, It should be allowed etc etc” So that brought about the idea of Why?

C'mon, how could you think this is wrong X3

I view life as the journey to achieve fulfillment. Be it through finding meaning, purpose or happiness, I have never seen life the way my parents did, where the only goal is to climb up the corporate ladder, earn massive bucks and then to die rich, leaving behind a family and a legacy. Although I suppose that could count as feeling “fulfilled”, I’ve never thought of it that way. I still think the most important aspect is to find happiness. And what better way to find happiness in our lives than through the warm fuzziness of love? I’m sure we’ve all felt love before. That moment where your heart pounds faster, where you feel socially awkward around your romantic interest, where your unsure on what consequences your actions might being about from him/her. I have the idea, that if you had someone who would always love you, who will be by your side through thick or thin, you would feel happy knowing that. Sure, the love might simmer down from the hot vigour during youth but it will still be there.  So why is love between 2 individuals of the same sex wrong?

Love is supposed to be without boundaries right? To be completely overwhelming, to be one of the most potent feelings humanity can experience. Hence, why is love between 2 woman or 2 man wrong? It is still love. If they wish to follow it through, onto the path to happiness via true love, so be it. I support them and the idea that love is boundless. But obviously, that are those who oppose this idea. From my friends, I have gleaned some of their reason as to why it’s wrong.

Firstly, it’s “not real” and that it’s a state of mind. This implies that all humans are born heterosexual and those who stray from this path of the straight and true are just mentally unsound. The argument is that we are all born with genitals that are meant to be used with the opposite sex’s and not within your own gender, hence all of humanity is meant to be straight. Some do say that homosexuals are born that way and there are those that refute that idea. I couldn’t argue much on this point as I do not know a lot about it but how can one be so sure on a subject that has never been researched into before? How can you be sure that all of humanity is born straight?

Secondly, it’s evil and against the rules of the divine. Yes, religion plays a large role in this due to its widespread influence on humanity and I have no doubts that most religions teach that homosexuality is wrong. It’s evil as it’s nor normal and that it’s unnatural. This point is pretty much in sync with the first with a similar argument. I cannot speculate on the existence of a greater being but can you really be sure that it is by that being’s words and will that homosexuality is wrong? That it is worthy of punishment and ostracism from society?

Of course there are personal reasons, especially those that say it’s unsightly. I suppose this idea that it’s unsightly was brought about the way you were brought up. I have no doubt that’s that what my parents thought me about norms and what was right and wrong was also instilled into my friends by their parents. Society also probably. enforced these ideas in the minds of my friends. I recall this incident where I saw the commuters on a train being very physical in expressing their disgust at 2 girls kissing on the train through their harsh words and actions. I think if my friends and others were allowed to formulate their own opinions on this matter, their views of it might change but I can’t be certain of that.

I’m sure that are myriad other reason I’ve missed out but I still support this idea. The only reason is see that gets in the way of this idea is of the biological factor that no offspring can be resulted from this love. That much is obvious. Because no kids can be born from sex between 2 of the same gender, it should not be allowed? But what about those who are unable to have kids due to fertility problems? Should that now be allowed as well? Then the argument goes on to “But they could have had the ability to bear kids when they were healthier. 2 of the same gender have no chance of that”. Yes, that is true. However, why should it still be disputed. Should you not be happy if your friend or acquaintance has found love, even if it’s someone of the same gender? I’ll use my old argument from before and just restate it. Love is boundless in mo opinion. And to answer the question of no kids being brought about by sex. It doesn’t mean that a family cannot be created. There is still adoption, surrogate mothers and artificial insemination. Who says that there is no way in hell that a same-sex couple can’t have kids.

Violence against LGBT. tsk tsk

So I’ll conclude this rant/expository post by saying my thesis again. Love is boundless and it has many various forms. Why are people attempting to right something that is not wrong? Why have people attempting to get in the way of love and happiness? That doesn’t seem very logical to me. But I suppose I decided to learn more on this idea as I’m hipster but I genuinely support it.  So go ahead gay couples throughout the world! You’ve got a supporter in me XD


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