We’re good to go sir!!! For The Emperor!!! (Battle Report #1)

I recently had my third game, this time with a more complete army and with a better idea for all the Rules and Regulations of the Warhammer 40k Tabletop game. Once again, I was playing against my best friend and his Chaos Army (ewwww, Chaos filth XD). AND once again, I won ūüėõ

The 3 units that dealt the most damage or inflicted the most kills. Arranged in descending order from left to right. My friend's Chaos Vindicato, My Predator and My Land Speeder

Just for those who are curious, this is my army list for 1000 points, 1500 points and 2000 points. My list is a stacking list with each list just an addition of units to the previous list.

HQ – Captain Rhamiel lightning claw and hellfire rounds [125]

Troops 1 Р10 men Tactical Squad 1 Meltagun, 1 multi-melta. Attached rhino [210]

Troops 2 Р10 men Tactical Squad 1 Plasma gun, 1 plasma cannon. 220     Attached rhino

Elites 1 – Dreadnought. 2 Twin-Linked Autocannon “Gadreel” [125]

Fast Attack 1 РLand Speeder with multi-melta  and heavy flamer [70]

Heavy Support 1 РPredator Side Sponsons  Autocannon with Lascannon [120]

Heavy Support 1 РPredator Side Sponsons  Autocannon with Lascannon [120]

990 points

add on – Captain Rhamiel Add a jump pack and combi-melta [35]

add on Рland speeder with multi-melta and heavy flamer  [70]

Heavy  Support 2 Thunderfire Cannon default [100]

Fast Attack 2 –¬†5 men Assault Space ¬†1 flamer and a power fist 125 Marine Squad

Elites 2 Ironclad Dreanought 1 Seismic Hammer with attached Meltagun, 1 Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon with attached heavy flamer. Default Drop pod. ‘Marbas” [180]

1500 points

Elites 3 Р5 men Terminator Squad. Cyclone missle launcher and 2 chainfists. Attached Land Raider with 2 Twin-Linked Lascannon Sponsons and 1 Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter with multi-melta  [500]

2000 points

And so far, I’m satisfied with this list. It took a lot of consultation with experienced players to create this list that just perfectly fits my playing style. I¬†favor¬†an¬†annihilation¬†style of playing with constant advancing and heavy fire. The Tactical squads will advance in their Rhinos. The combination of melta and plasma weapons takes care of tanks and heavy infantry while the massed amounts of bolter fire drown light¬†infantry¬†in their own blood. The rifleman dreadnought advances with these 2 squads to give them extra firepower if met with stern enemy resistance. The roar of 2 twin-linked autocannons should silence the enemies guns for good. My Captain also moves with these squad. using his increased battle skills to give them a edge. His lightning claw also deals with enemy HQ if an assault is made.

These are just pictures taken after the actual match as we forgot to take pictures DURING the match. Forgive me, next time i'll remember to take pics or a video

The 2 Predators and 2 Lands Speeders work in unison to slaughter tanks. The Predators fire at them till they retreat. But the Land Speeders would have already Deep striked behind the tanks and would eliminate them or force them to advance again into the fire of the Predators cannons. This efficiently creates a killing field between the Land Speeders and Predators. Although the Land Speeders are more of a suicide unit to kill high-priorty targets, they are well worth it.

STOP, Thunder Hammer time ;D

The Ironclad dreadnought and the Assault Squad are the mop up team, used to quickly kill a retreating enemy HQ or to wipe out a enemy squad that is low on numbers.

The Terminators and their Land Raider are in my list for a simple reason. Sometimes, you want the enemy to go down and remain down. 5 terminators advancing with the heavy support of a Land Raider are hard to stop and will advance with the Tactical squads but from a different flank to create a killing field, killing all enemy units caught in their advance.

Hammertime DENIED!!!

The game I had with my friend was a rather educational one as we used it as an opportunity to see how our lists have advanced after the last we played. I learned that my list fits me well but I do need to stop camping. I tend to prefer staying back and waiting for enemies to come at me, which defeats the purpose of having squads that have good advancing abilities. My Tactical squads were especially wasted as only the special and heavy weapons did anything to the enemy units.

Fighting off the advancing horde

My painting also progresses, although at a slowed pace. Due to my other interests, I’ve been finding less and less time to paint. Happily, my army is almost completely painted so that’s not really a problem. I look forward to my next game with a fully-painted army and a better grasp of tactics. And if anyone wants, this is the link to the rest of the pictures taken that day: RIGHT HERE

Termie on Termie battle royale!!


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