It’s a sad colour (Blue manga review)

You'll find out why i chose this over a page of the manga if you read on~


I have a very interesting and self-destructive way to decide if the manga i’m reading is good. I will read 1 chapter and if i attempt to marathon the rest regardless of what other tasks I have to do, its good. And so Blue, in my opinion, is gooood ūüėõ

It was recommended to me by anaaga¬†and I was distraught when I realized I completed the whole thing in under 3 hours, which resulted in much nagging from my parents for not doing the housework or homework ūüėõ¬†¬†Mostly I was upset that it ended.

Written by Kirik Nananan, this manga is a very deep and emotional one. I haven’t read anything serious in a while so this was a much welcomed read.

simple artwork eh?


In terms of artwork, this manga has the simplest style I’ve ever seen. I actually had quite a hard time telling apart the¬†characters¬†as only the hairstyles were different. But it does a¬†sufficient¬†job of portraying their emotions well.

However, the storyline is gold. It follows the days of Kayako in high school, where she meets Endo, a girl who is ostracized as she had an abortion. It’s really not hard to guess what comes after that (right??). The main plot revolves around their relationship as it goes from a close friendship to something more. Then comes the great plot complication of college. It’s a really emotional manga and I do not suggest marathoning because I felt really crappy after I did. It’s a lil too heavy for a before bed read. But it’s excellent at showing the other side of relationships those¬†fluffy¬†and cute manga don’t show.

One of the main themes is an important aspect of ¬†a relationship that is rather cliched now. About leaving the one you love for your future in education or to puruse your ambitions. It can be cheesy but this read did show that very well. It’s the complicated feeling of your soul as you attempt to make a decision whether to leave. You want to pursue your ambitions but you also know it means putting distance between you and your lover, which you can’t bear to have. I personally have no idea what this feeling might be (yet~) but i’m very sure it’ll¬†be¬†really hard to come to a decision that soothes your troubled soul.

Anyways, enough weird ranting, you should read this or at least check it out. It’s¬†definitely¬†worth it. But it is rather hard to understand due to its depth and might require re-reading pages a bit (I know I had to0)


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