I’m a bad boy aren’t I?

Ok, here’s the background story to this post.

Today was the English final exams. I was doing the comprehension and they decide to give 1hour 40 minutes for some damn reason. When i had finished the paper, i had 30-40 minutes to spare. So my mind started to wander and it wanders back to the topic for the essay I did 2 hours earlier for the English exams as well. I remember that one for the available essay subjects was Temptation (which I did as an expository). Anyways, my mind wanders. Straight to Yuri. And I drafted out a Yuri story after my imagination is triggered. Once I got back home, I started on this mini-project immediately once I was done with my revision for the day. Little did I know the power of my own imagination and it spawned this 1,200 word long story. And this is just the beginning 😛

So this post is to announce the beginning of a project that will probably be completed at the end of this year. Its a joint collaboration with my and 2 of my closest friends. I do the writing, FireDrop does the editing and J.Kel (not his real name of course ^.^ we all love our anonymity online) gives suggestions when required. Either way, this is part 1 of the Yuri love story my imagination created when my mind went adrift. So please, enjoy and give comments and criticism ;D

Also, we might have more stories WHEN we find an idea we like(we’ve already got one more) ^.^

P.S for those wondering about the name of the post, its very simple. I drafted this on my school’s paper. Since I go to a Catholic school, I feel like I committed a sin XD

Forbidden Lilies – Part 1, The beginning (edited 30/9/2011):

The alarm buzzed noisily on the bedside table, startling Niko awake from a fitful sleep. She yawned, rubbing her eyes before stretching her arms. Sighing, Niko then slid out of bed unclothed, walking over to turn of the alarm clock before returning to the bed. She heard the quilt rustle and turned around. Beneath the quilt lay another person, soundly asleep. Niko smiled and leaned over her, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. Aria’s eyelids fluttered opened, awaked by the touch of Niko’s lips, and she looked into Niko’s face with eyes that were a little dreamy and unfocused. Her deep blue eyes settled, and gave Niko a wide smile. Niko was momentarily entranced by the radiance of her countenance and the affection it spoke, and could not help but grin back. Aria then raised her head and returned the kiss to Niko, full on the lips. Niko seemed startled, eyes wide in surprise by her sudden show of affection. She then gave in to savour their kiss, holding tight as if never wanting to let them part. Suddenly, Niko felt something stir within her involuntarily and hurriedly pulled away. Aria, denied of her kiss, turned her head towards Niko, her face quizzical; Niko could not help but to blush in embarrassment. She had realized how close she was to losing herself in the passion of the moment and blushed a deeper crimson at her other thoughts. Quickly, she turned back to Aria.

“I’m sorry, I’ve got to get ready for work” Niko interjected, and headed off to the shower. As she walks away in the nude whilst trying up her red hair, Aria smiles, catching a glimpse of Niko’s sensual gait then reluctantly turned onto her side, returning peacefully to sleep.

The door clicked as Niko turned the key. Aria, the woman she had spent her last 4 months together with, was a graphics designer and her job started much later in the afternoon than Niko’s. Niko was working in an insurance company and had to report early to work every day. She sighed as she walked away in her work outfit, a simple form-fitting black skirt and a white shirt. Aria had told her that it was too plain for her good looks and insisted she wore something with more flair but it was just too indecent, and after all it was her favourite outfit. Most of the people there were only casual acquaintances anyway so it would be of no use to dress up nicely for them. As she walked towards the bus stop, Niko’s thoughts were all focused solely on Aria. She sighed as she resigned herself to her fate of being hopelessly in love with the woman who was lying in bed back at home.

As the bus left the station towards her company’s office, she reminisced of her first chance meeting with Aria and smiled to herself at the pleasant memory.

It had just been the usual mundane and exhaustive work day. At 1pm, she had left for her lunch break and headed towards the little café she had come to frequent in the past month. As she walked out of her office building however, she had noticed a young woman standing in the middle on the busy walkway as she clasped her handbag shut. The said lady was staring up at a signboard above a small office below her own office building, with a dazed look on her face. At that exact moment as Niko rested eyes on her, she was captivated by her beauty and quickly took it all in. Her angelic face that spoke of shyness and innocence, with her long and smooth blond hair and the gentle contours of her slim build, all were imprinted into her memory. It was then Niko decided she had to talk to this angel and at least know her name. She had the powerful urge to get closer to this stranger immediately.

With a somewhat undignified haste, she walked forward towards the young woman’s side and asked “Hello, are you lost? Could I help you in anyway?”  The dainty young woman snapped out of her daze and turned towards Niko, revealing a pair of stunning deep blue eyes. Niko could not tear her eyes away from hers and could naught but gape open-mouthed, lost for words. The young woman, embarrassed, stuttered out “I’m sorry!” before she blushed and looked away quickly, the tips of her delicate ears pinkish in hue. Niko was instantly dumbstruck. “She’s adorable!” she thought. Niko smiled in genuine warmth for the first time in quite a while and softly replied “Why are you apologizing?” The young woman quickly looked up, her face a bright pink from the combination of a heavy blush and her fair white skin. She quickly stammered “F-F-for blocking your path ma’am!!” and once again bowed her head quickly in embarrassment from her outbursts. Niko giggled a little at this display of irresistible cuteness, replying: “Oh, don’t worry, you weren’t blocking the way. I just saw you standing alone with that lost look on your face and thought maybe I should ask what’s wrong”. “N-nothing at all!!” “Then why were you standing so still with that forlorn look?” The innocent-looking young lady looked into Niko’s eyes again, causing her heart to skip a beat and said “I was just wondering if I should go in to submit my resume…” Niko turned towards the sign which read “Corridor Digital” and below that, a pamphlet stating that they were hiring new artists. “ah! So you wanted to work for them I see. Then why are you hesitating?” “I’m afraid they’ll reject me…”the young woman said while looking down with a depressed look. Once again, Niko was struck by her cuteness and her words caught in her throat. She quietly cleared her throat before saying in a kind voice “Don’t worry; I’m sure they’ll take to you immediately! Besides, you risk nothing in trying.” The angel looked up swiftly with wonder in her eyes and said “Y-you’re right!!! I should give it a go!!!” and quickly turned towards the shop and started to make for the entrance with a hurried gait, her shyness overcome. Niko was surprised by the sudden turn of events and hurriedly called out “Hey! What’s your name?” The young woman turned around, her face lit up eyes sparkling and replied “I’m Aria! Thank you very much for your encouragement!”

Niko snapped back to the present with a jolt as the bus pulled up roughly into her stop. She was feeling really much lighter after remising those pleasant and precious memories. From there on, they had met again after a few days by chance (or was it fate?) again and had lunch together in the café that Niko had been heading to before their chance meeting. They had chatted for a long time, ignoring their food almost completely and their friendship was firmly cemented henceforth.

Thank you for reading ^.^ Please leave comments and criticism and wait for Part 2 ;D


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  1. Surely thinking about Yuri during exams is a cardinal sin; in a catholic school, no less.
    I applaud.

  2. it has its style….. ?

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