I tried to think of a cool title and failed (2011 Fall anime first impressions)

Was to lazy to upload some Yuri. Using this instead XD

The Fall anime season has started (This statement was proudly sponsored by Captain Obvious incorporated) and initially, I had been a tad bit disappointed in it. Because the first instinctual reaction I had when I went over the list of new animes was “Where the hell is my Yur???”  (Sad, right?). Then I looked over the list again and decided: “heh, heh, some of these look cool”. And hence began the cycle of googling the anime and viewing the first episodes. So this is my first impressions of some of the new animes of Fall 2011 that I’ve watched

First Up, Fate/Zero! I actually had an idea of what I wanted to receive from this one. Although I still to this day have not completed Fate Stay/Night, I have seen the CGs from it and somewhat spoiled myself when I read a blurb of the plot. I’m pleased to say that Fate/Zero has met my expectations. Then again, I’m a very easy person to please. I really liked the graphics of Fate/Zero. The artwork was a F****g eye-gasm to me. Smooth animation and plenty of details. But more importantly, the plot!! Episode 1 set a very nice taste of the anime and gave plenty of little teasers to pique my interest. I’m sure as hell gonna watch this one to the end. (Also, loli Rin and Sakura x3)

toooo cute x3

Next, we have Tamayura Hitotose. This is one I will definitely continue watching.  The sweetness that radiates from it is enough to give you diabetes. And it has a very promising storyline. I think Tamayura might end up as a tearjerker of epic proportions. Despite the fact that its low budget, the animation and character designs were still excellent. The characters themselves are adorable too x3. The overall impression I got was that its going to be very dreamy and relaxing. I’m really looking forward to episode 2.


Another anime that was on my original list of anime I intended to watch was Persona 4: The Animation. I have absolutely no idea of the plot line of Persona 4. I’ve never played the games and the only thing I know is that the persona are like part of the user or something similarly vague. So, I was quite confused at first what was going on. Then the action started and I got an epiphany. I’m really enjoying Persona 4 now ^.^ I like the story so far although IMO the first episode seemed a little cliched. But most things are cliched because they’re good. That’s why they’re used so often. The only problem I had with Persona 4 was that the artwork seemed a little spaced out and disagreed with me (only a little though). The fight scene was still badass though.

The 4th anime I watched was Chihayafuru. At first, this one did not really catch my attention and it was not on my list. I only watched the first episode 3 days ago as I had absolutely nothing to do. That and that I was stoned of my arse at 12 midnight. And I was surprised because I really enjoyed myself. The blurb didn’t do a lot of justice for it when I read it. It had seemed kinda weird and boring from the blurb. But its actually a very intriguing story. And I’m really like Chihaya. She’s quite different from a fair number of anime girls and that’s rather refreshing. Although the main plot seemed kinda random to me (Karuta was it?) it has great promise to me. I’m gonna watch the rest.

Mashiroiro is the next on my list. I watched it after loads of tweets came up that made it seem rather interesting. Once again, I watched it the instant I got bored of studying. People have said that they weren’t really looking forward to it as most anime adaptations of VN’s aren’t that good. Happily, I haven’t watched a lot of anime so I couldn’t give a s**t and went ahead to watch it. And I gotta say, its good. I’m really liking the characters in it and the dreamlike way its started off before it picked up speed. Designs wise, its rather good but as I’ve said, I haven’t watched much so they all look pretty good to me. Either way, I’m very interested to continue watching this.

You like the pic, dun you? ;3

Last up, I have Boku Wa Tomodachi. The reason I found this one is rather curious. To summarize: Konachan –> Tags of a pic –> Google –> watched first episode. Got it? No? Then you aren’t very bright. Well, this one was incredibly entertaining and interesting. The whole idea of a club to make friends made me grin like an idiot from how funny it sounds. Designs wise, we all love Sena and her “assests” of course ;D And it does look rather nice. The OP was totally not erotic. Not at all. Well, I’m continuing to watch this because I wanna see how this turns out. And because I need entertainment too.


There are still 2 more animes that I’m looking forward too. Guilty Crown and Last Exile: Fam of Silver Wing both seems incredibly cool with awesome graphics. Last Exile seems to have a very interesting storyline (its also steampunk-ish, which I like). Guilty Crown of course has a lot of hope from me. I hope they don’t disappoint ;D

P.S If this post seems weirder than the other I have so far, its because I was ever so slightly stoned when I typed it. Pardon the language.


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  1. fate 0 actually has a complicated story-line but still gonna give it a go… u should try Ben-To…interesting concepy

  2. That child Sakura/Tohsaka picture…hnnnnnghgghghghhhh

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