Rocking Cute Ball-game (Ro-Kyu-Bu Review)

Okay now, for a brief summary of what this entire anime is all about, let me put it in just a few words. “Loli” and “Basket-ball”. The season is mostly about Subaru Hasegawa, a 15 year old dude who has to coach basketball team. Did I mention that the team is full of cute (loli) 12 year olds girls?( in the manga, they’re like 9)

Ro-Kyu-Bu is a slice-of-life and action anime (in my opinion) where they show you the moments of Subaru journey into a land of awkwardness. His basket-ball club closed due to the president dating the advisors middle school daughter and now his aunt wants him to teach middle school girls basket-ball. Through this simple start you can understand his hesitation to teach those girls and the need for blackmailing. I don’t really want to spoil this anime so on to the review

Just by watching this anime, you’ll feel like you’re on an emotional roller-coaster. To put it short, anything about a basket-ball match is instantly fast paced and anything else is your laid-back slice-of-lifeness. The first thing that caught my eye is not the character design. That comes in second. For me, strangely what really got me started is the opening. I know, I know, actually I don’t know. Do people watch animes due to the eye-catching openings? I liked the tune and next thing I know I am hooked. Another I liked is how the story progresses and you can see the girls growing and learning. But after watching, you’ll realize some things never change. The action scenes are done rather well, I mean it sorts of get you hooked to the game and you have the urge to cheer/scream/fap/etc.

What is bad, hmmm…. Personally I feel that the fan-service and loli do add in some interesting parts but sometimes they do get a hella annoying. It just hits you in the face when you least expect it, come on, basket-ball in bikinis? Some people complain the animation is not that good and the heads are too big but that’s not my main concern though, as long as it longs average I’m alright with it.

So overall my highly biased ratings are Storyline- 8, Animation- 7 and characters- 10. The characters are moe, enough said. If you ask me, I will recommend this to anyone and hope that they will enjoy it cause it’s something nice to watch and savor.


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