It Gets Wilder and Wilder (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai- 2)

So it is episode 2 already, this time, Yozora’s idea of making friends is through games. Just from watching a couple of other students playing Monster Hunter together, she immediately assumes that it is the best way to make friends.   The pace keeps is fast all the way and you don’t really have a chance to look away from the screen to get a drink. What I find very entertaining is that they called a PSP a playing states portable but they can use the name of monster hunter and even show action scenes from the game itself.

To be honest, I have never owned a PSP so I only know that you need to kill stuff in that game. Seeing how Sena is a hard-core gamer and spams a game so that you reach the highest level is really funny, but nothing compared to what happens in game.   Kodoka looks like a complete noob at the start and the in-game fighting is just epic. Using a fully-charged attack to crush Yozora’s character, EPIC.  Just see that evil smile. I didn’t know that Monster Hunter could become a Player VS Player game.

Kodoka is the living example of every noob, hiding in a corner to get rare items, a clever and well hated tactic. For a few seconds I was wondering why he was not caught in the battle, then the lizard thing appeared. I am not sure how his classmate interpret him asking for Monster Hunter items but I guess that’s just a side joke of him being too scary-looking.

From the playing states portable to the PlayingStates where they play a novel game. (if I am not wrong) Kirameki School Life 7. That is almost more sequels than the COD series XP. The game does not really capture my attention except for one character.

Cuteness explosion. Sadly, glasses do not make girls as cute in real life.

I guess the next episode is only going to get crazier so stay tuned for the next review. And always, enjoy the Moe picture at the end. =)

And yes….. I am a humongous K-ON fan and think that Azunyan is cute. The question is, Who Does Not? Cause I am coming over with a shot-gun.


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