Loners FTW! (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Impression)

Cyborg recently asked me if I wanted to do an anime review and I had a wide range of this season’s anime to choose from. After thinking about it for a really, really short while, I decided to do Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, which literally means I don’t have Many Friends. Why I chose it? It’s a slice of life and as I said before it’s my favorite genre.

Now for a start, I wiki-ed it and found out that the plot is quite interesting, a guy, Kodaka Hasegawa, who does not have many friends because of how he looks like a gangster together with a weird girl, Yozora Mikazuki, start the Neighbor’s Club so that they can make some friends.

The anime starts of nicely, with you seeing Kodaka getting ostracized by his school-mates for the way he looks and how he “extorted” a textbook from a fellow classmate. From the viewer’s perspective, I find it really funny how a little thing like borrowing a book can lead to making you public enemy number one. You really have to pity him, just after transferring to a new school (god knows what happened in his old one), he is not even allowed to start on a clean slate. Stereotypes really do screw up the lives of people.

But as you will see later, Kodaka is actually a really nice dude, I mean; anyone who can cook like that is definitely a great guy! No seriously, a guy who can cook is a good guy. Then the next day he spots Yozora stoning/sleeping in class. I have just found my soul mate…. But seriously, you have to respect that gal, I mean she just spent entire school day sleeping in the same position. That’s slightly more than 4 hours! Do you know how bad your neck can feel just after 1 hour in that position? RESPECT! >.<

The way their club was approved is entertaining in it’s own way. Anything to do with the word of god is immediately accepted. “Ma’am, can I rape her in the name of God?” I’m not a Christian by the way and if there is a hell, I will be seeing you there. =) Then comes the weird idea of the posters where you can only see the true message if you read it diagonally. Come on… even if someone is desperate for friends, I am quite sure he/she will not spend your time decoding a poster, you’ll just walk by and give up after a few seconds.

Kashiwazaki Sena

Enter the world of Sena Kashiwazaki. She’s the popular kid in school, daughter of someone high up in the school. Her reason for joining the club? “I wanna make real friends” Moral of the storey, you don’t have to be jealous of the popular kid, laugh at the fact that he does not have real friends. If you have no friends, then hide in a corner and cry. Apparently there is hatred between Sena and Yozora. And the arguments they have… sigh. I like how Yozora rebut for being flat-chested is to eliminate all the busty girls and be the biggest through comparison. One small step to world domination girl.

My thoughts about this anime: interesting idea of making a club to find friends and I already can see the two girls arguing and Kodaka is the poor guy stuck in between. I just hope its not too fanservicy, it gets irritating, but a little bit is just fine…. Sorry for the lack of pics…. I cant find any good quality enough ones so sorry about that.

Now… for my own tradition on interestsoap, I’ll end every post with a moe pic!!!! =)

I can die in peace……


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