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Yes, it did take frigging ages to write this because both me and my editor/co-writer had our exams. But they’re over and done with!! And he finally sent me the file. So here is Part 2 of Forbidden Lilies. Enjoy~

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Part 2:

As Niko got off the bus and continued towards her office building amongst a small herd of people, she floated back into her memories of Aria…

After a month or so of meeting often for lunch as well as going out together to various places, Niko had realized her feelings towards Aria were more than just those of a close friendship. She found herself drawn towards Aria more and would find herself staring at Aria a little too closely, admiring her smooth cheeks, her soft supple lips and graceful curves. She would also get intensely protective of Aria at times and would feel a little jealous when someone else was talking to Aria. Eventually, she had come to the conclusion that she had fallen in love with the shy and gentle Aria. She had initially been horrified by her “unnatural” attraction and had wanted nothing more than to get them out of her head. However, as she tried to ignore the strong pulls of her heart, Niko simply found herself drawn even more towards Aria and the inexplicable warmth she felt while around her. Niko had spent countless hours pondering about her possible courses of action, and considering all the possibilities. In the end, she had made up her mind to confess to Aria, even with the fear that doing so could destroy the friendship that Niko so very treasured. But she decided that she had to try; she herself remembering what she had told Aria to try her best in anything irregardless of the odds.

However, in the time that Niko had taken to reach her crucial decision, she had created unintended distance between herself and Aria, both in part to have time to think as well as to avoid having Aria nearby to cloud her thoughts.  Aria had been disappointed at being unable to spend time with Niko and that lead her to childishly suspect that Niko was spending her time with someone else. She had gotten jealous in the time they had not met and had pouted the instance she saw Niko at the café after a week. Niko was laughing nervously as she sat down at their table, providing the excuse that she had been unable to meet with Aria due to work commitments. But Aria did not buy the transparent excuse and questioned Niko’s explanation. Eventually, it had led to an argument where Aria accused Niko of creating reasons to avoid her. Aria said that she had felt lonely when Niko did not answer her calls or messages. Aria’s tone of voice when she said those words pierced Niko’s heart painfully and made her regretful, bringing her to the verge of tears. Niko hurriedly blurted out an apology and placed her hand on Aria’ slim shoulders and pulled her close, trying to calm Aria down. Aria gave Niko a small smile before apologizing for being childish. Niko felt relieved that Aria was back to her normal self and continued to explain as they ate their meal. Niko told Aria that she had required the time to herself to mull over a problem, although she did not tell Aria that the source of the problem was actually her and blushed when she though back to it.  Aria hadn’t noticed the evident embarrassment on Niko’s face and seemed satisfied by her explanation and beamed in return, saying “If you have a problem, you shouldn’t hesitate to tell me about it. I was worried about you!” With that, their friendship brought back to the state it used to be. However, Niko knew what she was planning to do might change that friendship forever. And she once again found herself staring at Aria as she sipped her tea.

The clouds were drifting lazily in the azure-blue sky that afternoon, partly obscuring and diffusing the Sun’s warm, yellow light; when Niko had finally confessed her feelings to Aria. It had seemed to be a perfect opportunity to do so with the pleasant weather that day. The wind tussled Aria’s light blond hair, the long strands blowing over her fringe, partially covering her face. “Wait!” Niko cried, her voice wavering. She could not bear to face Aria as she confessed. Her face was flushed which continued to turn a deeper red as she clumsily attempted to express her feelings towards Aria. She did not even dare to look up at Aria when she was finished – she just knew that Aria would not accept her feelings…

Niko started to sob, but was unexpectedly wrapped up in Aria’s embrace.The ends of Niko’s lips twitched upwards at the pleasant memory as she walked into the atrium. It had been four long months since that and they had grown a lot in the time they had spent together. But sadly, something was troubling her. Recently, she had been experiencing a different kind of attraction towards Aria besides her usual affection. This morning was an example of what she had been experiencing when she had nearly lost herself to the passion upon her surprise kiss from Aria. She also noticed that she had recently been getting more physical with Aria in their close and intimate moments together. She was unsure if Aria was comfortable with it, and this bothered her no end. Even gazing at Aria’s slim and lithe body unclothed that morning had pushed Niko to the edge of her self-restraint and control despite having seen Aria so many times like that before. As she made her way to her cubicle, Niko grabbed a mug of coffee from the pantry as she passed it, her troubling thoughts constantly bugging her.

Although Niko did want to get even closer to Aria, both romantically and physically, she did not want to act upon her urges because of Aria’s innocence and unassuming character. Niko was certain that she would lose control and force herself upon Aria. She feared that she would simply be taking advantage of their relationship for her own selfish needs. Niko sat herself down in front of her desk and resigned herself to her work. She had decided to combat this problem by distracting her desires and urges with the drudges of work. She sighed; already, she was missing Aria. She couldn’t wait till lunch before she could meet Aria again.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it :3


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  1. I think your story is beautiful though I would love to read more of the flow of conversation between Aria and Niko. I’ll definitely wait for more installments. Keep it up.

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