Jiggly-ness and Eye-gasm (Guilty Crown Episodic – Episodes 1 and 2)

I was incredibly hyped for Guilty Crown when I saw the previews and read the description of the show. Mecha? – Oh yeah! Designs by Redjuice (One of my favourite artist)? –  Holy crap, this could be epic! So I was determined to watch the first episode. Then came the wait for it. The show did not air as soon as Fall 2011 start AND I had to wait for subs as well (Having absolutely no knowledge of the Japanese language). So when I finally got to watch it, I was bursting with excitement. And goddamn did I enjoy it.

Alright, to clear something up first. This is my first episodic. If you’ve read my previous posts, I’ve never done one of these before. I actually have no F!$#^%G idea what most anibloggers do in episodic. So I thought I’ll just regurgitate all my thoughts and reactions about Guilty Crown episodes 1 and 2 to see if my intelligent-guess of an episodic’s content is correct (Nope, I just pulled it out my arse actually. No thought went into selecting any of the material in this post)

Ok, first up, artwork! This includes animation, character designs and pretty much every single visual aspect of the anime. Captain Obvious strikes so let’s carry on. As you can guess from the post title, I did like the visuals. Actually, I love it! In terms of just visual eye-gasm, it’s currently on par with Fate Zero and Last Exile: Fam of Silver Wing. The fact I love Redjuice’s art should be enough to predict my reaction to the artwork. The setting for the whole show is beautifully detailed and most of the little details were captured. The mecha’s actually disagree slightly with me because I like my mechas to look more brutal and uniform in shape.  The animation was also really smooth and my only gripe would be that the mouth animation is always the same. Opening and closing and opening and closing and sound amazing comes out perfectly pronounced. But then again, I don’t really pay much attention to that kind of stuff, especially when I’m watching huge-ass explosions.

Explosion in 3, 2, 1

And character designs. Well, Guilty Crown’s designs perfectly suits my tastes. It’s all proportional, sleek and smooth. I have no idea why, but I don’t like large chunky-ness in my characters be it male or female (incredibly exaggerated hourglass figures or overly broad shoulders). And I have to say, I’m in love with Inori’s design. That outfit and her overall figure twangs some strings in me. That and her hair…..( I like redheads if you didn’t know so her’s is kind of close)


Storyline. Well, I’ve only watched 2 episodes out of the planned 22 so I have no idea how this will end. But from what I’ve seen to far, this does seem like a “default” setup. The protagonist who just want’s to be left out of everything being dragged into a ridiculous situation and  the introduction of the female lead that dragged him into the crap in the first place. Introduce the epic leader or highly influential person (Gai) then a rather cliched backstory of a virus that is the core of the whole problem. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched movies with similar setups. But this isn’t necessarily bad is it? Cliched plot lines are cliched as they are used often. And they are used often as they are time-proven to be good. And since the basic storyline is pretty much set out, the production crew can focus on other stuff, say; the portrayal of emotions and the little complications to add to the story. I know many say that Guilty Crown has aspects taken from many different animes like Code Geass and Dantalian no Shoka but when you think of it, all animes has aspects from other in their genre right? I also haven’t watched either of those 2 animes or any of the other animes people have linked Guilty Crown too and I’m willing to bet they wouldn’t change my interest for Guilty Crown if I did watch them. Overall, I say Guilty Crown seems rather promising.

Bad-ass character reveal with the lighted background and all

In Episode 1 and 2, we see the underground group called the Funeral Parlor (Macabre name ain’t it) steal some important biological reagent (using Inori as the thief) for the purpose of overthrowing the add-hoc police force, the Antibodies. The Antibodies are tyrannical SOABs and intend to take over Japan and hence, the Bad Guys (Or are they? I mean, they could surprise me and say the Funeral Parlor is actually the bad guys but from what I’ve seen, highly improbable). Somehow, this reagent lands in the hands of over protagonist, Shu Ouma, who is a rather pathetic piece of S*$T. He’s cowardly and prefers to stay out of it all. So when his arse gets chucked into the doo-doo, S*@T hits the fan and Inori gets captured. Cue sudden burst of courage (or desperation, I don’t know which yet), Shu passes the reagent, to Gai, and it is revealed to be the Void Genome, which allows the user to draw weapons out of people. A whole bunch of action later, Shu somehow absorbs the Genome, beats the crap out of some mechas with a sword that he pulled out of Inori’s chest and its Episode 2! There, the story is further deepened with the Funeral Parlor abandoning their guerrilla tactics and attacking the Antibodies head on, using Shu as their trump card. All rather typical. Then something that I don’t see often happens. Shu refuses to join the Funeral Parlor and returns back to his life of hiding when the bullets start flying and generally staying away from trouble or complications. Then he finds out Inori has transferred to his class.

Surprise Surprise

Well, I’m very sure we all know where this ought to lead to. Somehow, Shu is going to get chucked onto the frying pan again and Inori is going to be the one to do so. Once again, he will either be offered the chance to join or be given absolutely no choice but to join (Say, the Antibodies find out who he actually is). I’m very interested to see how they pull it off actually even if it’s rather typical. One thing I’ve read and heard many people complain off is that Shu Ouma is a useless being. He’s weak and let Inori be captured then turned down the offer of a higher calling because he realized he was allergic to hardship and trouble. However, I do not share their sentiment. Think of it. If you were placed in that situation, I say the first thought you would have is to not join the guys that will definitely meeting a lot of bullets and instead to avoid them. Shu is not being a wuss, he’s being human and being human, self-preservation comes first. Also, we like things to remain the way they are. Most living things do not really welcome change. Shu is just preferring his old life over the chance to be the hero as he finds the old ways comforatble (and also, most people are highly-receptive to dying so it’s best avoided). I am very interested how they advance his character and if he is willing to fully rise to the challenge. Probably yes because it’s expected of the show 😛

Maybe he'll rise to the occasion again

In conclusion, I have churned out 1,300 words about this anime. I really enjoyed the first 2 episodes and look forward to the others and I have my views of the anime as a whole. The last thing I’ll like to say is that I love the songs used in it (I think they are all originals composed just for Guilty Crown) and I also like the symbol for the anime. Incredibly simple but bold.

I like bold but simple designs ^.^

P.S I apologize if this does not seem like a typical episodic and I seem to just rant and type crap. I hope you enjoyed it though and forgive the length.


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