The Connections Run Deep (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai ep 3)

This episode so far is one of those meaningful episodes that every slice of life anime will have. Most of you who read this should know, that one episode where there is the soft music in the background, flashbacks and slow-motion smiles.  In other words, I enjoyed this episode quite a lot, though the start is really on the line of questionable.

Seriously WTF????

So first I’ll start off with some of the interesting points of the episode then move on to my thoughts about it. Wow, I sound like I’m writing a school essay.

For a nice start, the episode shows Sena (aka ‘Meat’) playing some eroge on her laptop as the other two walk in. Sena and Yozora have their usual argument with Sena displaying her inner Otaku. The funny part starts when Sena is challenged to read the lines from the game which is just you know, wrong.

We get to see Kodaka’s Otaku sister who is actually kinda cute but again…. wrong things happen. Gal! The bath is just cold no need to rape your bro! I have to say, Kodaka handle situations rather well. -.-

Interesting note: Sena cannot swim. This caused our hero, Kodaka, to be forced into teaching her. Nothing interesting really happens now, but Sena proves to be a quick learner. “Not much” you may say. Now, the conceited Sena picks a fight with some guys for reasons unknown. And yes, she is conceited. No arguments.

Kodaka pulls out his secret weapon, basic fighting techniques and his black-belt in intimidation and easily scares them off. (Cue the dramatic music) Both characters have a life changing talk/argument but Sena runs off looking happy.

Now to make things even more dramatic… FLASHBACKS!!! We know that Kodaka and Yozora are childhood friends and again, the girl does not dare to tell the guy and the guy has forgotten about it. Most people have seen this and it’s a classic. Interesting side note, Kodaka still thinks that the yound Yozora is a girl, what do you think?

My conspiracy theory about this episode is that you can see a lot of similarities with this anime and others. Sena has many similarities with Mugi from K-ON!! And Kirino from Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Like Mugi, she desperately wants the experiences of “commoners” like having nicknames and she is a Otaku like Kirino. So far, this anime has proved to be rather enjoyable though as always I find the fan-service too much. I gues that makes me similar to Yozora, just look at her reactions.

And as always, a Moe picture. Don’t complain, I will find a non-K-ON on next time. oh yeah, sorry bout the low quality pics, i had a hard time screen shoting…. really hard time


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  1. I recommend VLC player for ya. You can take a screenshot in the program that translates those lovely 720p vids into a gorgeous snapshot.

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