The Full Cast! (Boku wa Tomodachi Sukanai ep 4/5 review)

Sorry for not posting a review lately, been busy with you know… animes. Now for episodes 4 and 5, these episodes focus more on the introduction of new characters, if I am not wrong, these are all the characters the show I is going to have.

I really cant find a better pic. (LAZY)

The first new character shown is Maria, the “genius” nun who is the club’s advisor. And is 10. The y did not really show much about her except she behaves… like a ten-year old. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, thanks to her, Kodaka is going to get the label of “lolicon”. Sometimes, you really have to pity the poor guy. Something tells me that the whole “Oni-san” thing is going to lead to something bad. (SPOILER)

I see this going places

The next character is a guy, I mean girl. I cannot tell. Yukimura is first introduced as a stalker of Kodaka and the process to find him/her is in its own way, interesting. Again, Kodaka’s looks bring in the humor. As aptly put by Yozora, a delinquent’s “What the hell are you looking at?” Back to Yukimura, he is supposed to be a guy who looks extremely feminine though it works vice versa. I guess the whole point of this character is to be a tool for Yozora and satisfy her weird fetish. And may the producers of this anime tell us what gender he/she is.


Congratulations sir, you have a son/daughter

On the subject of weird fetish, there is Rika. Another “genius” of the school who does not need to take lessons and spend her entire time in the Science lab. Look can be deceiving, you expect a cute shy girl from her looks, not a sex-crazed girl who has a weird fetish for Mecha porn… XP Anywho, she is supposed to be the clingy girl who wants Kodaka to be her sex partner.

Ugh.... the mecha "fight scene" was too hard to get

Next is Kodaka’s sister, Kobato, who like many of us, is an Otaku though takes it a bit far with cosplaying 24/7 and speaking like one of the characters. I know… she is not really a new character but episode 5 is where she gets her character initiation to the elite group known as main characters. So far, I just know she is clingy, slightly cute and not really anything else. Hope to see more development for her.

Cute... when she does not do that

My thoughts for these episode, for episode 4, there is really not much progression and the entire episode is used to introduce the first three characters so nothing much happens. For episode 5, it’s another gaming episode and I am sure we all realized that Yozora really likes to cosplay. For now, all I can say is that I am looking forward to see the entire Neighbor’s Club in their crazy action. And being the moe fanatic I am, I wanna see more Maria and Kobato. >.<

And to end off…. MOE-ness. god not doing a K-ON pic at the end makes me a little sad. Damn it, I’m doing K-ON again next time.

Not K-ON, but it will do....



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