Moshi-Moshi! Dora Dora! (Moshidora Season Review)

Eh Ah Hai… After browsing through MyAnimeList several times, I chanced upon this anime. Moshidora. The main gist of this anime is that a girl uses a book for business to manage her school’s baseball team. The cast had the likes of Hikasa Yoko and Hana Kanazewa which have voiced in many of the animes I liked so I decided to give it a go. PS. (SPOILER alert)

Nice Logo?

Eh Ah Hai… To start off, I thought this anime would be just action packed with all the cool sports scenes and stuff. Guess again, this anime has a nice mix of humor and touching scenes that do know how to make you warm and nice on the inside. The anime is actually quite short, with only 10 episodes, but somehow I felt that the 10 episodes were just nice in bringing across the message.

These bunnies represent a lot, just you see!

Now I am going to just summarise everything in a few words and yes there are spoilers, so skip to the next paragraph for your safety. Basically, main character, Minami, hates baseball but because of her sick friend, Yuki, she agrees to take over as the team’s manager and gets a book for that. Somehow that book is Japan’s bestseller Peter Drucker’s Management, a book to run buiness.

I must find a copy of that book!

Somehow she uses the book to make the team motivated and work hard (will go into more detail later) and the team aims to be in nationals. Somehow, unlike the midget country I come from, nationals in Japan is apparently a very very big event. Anywhat, before the team even qualifies for nationals, Yuki dies. Yes she dies. Yes. I know.

Must... Not... Bwaaaa!!!!!!

After that the team qualifies to nationals and the team captain, Masayoshi, who replies the reporter’s question of what they expect from themselves in the nationals with “What do you expect from us? In the world of business, what the customer wants comes first.” I do not remember the exact words but it is something like that.

Causing the reporters to me mind-effed

My thoughts about this anime? I like the plot and how that one book and a girl can make such a great change. Which is actually possible from the way I see it. The points in the anime should be actual points from the book itself so it is really interesting for them to interpret it into a sport. I also like the little things that they hide in the anime, like the bunny key-chain and the similar home run at the end of the final match.

Sweet flashback....

Now we move on to the touching part. You kind of see it coming, but the tears still flow. I mean, somehow your eyes start to sweat and stuff. I mean come on, you actually had the tiny hope that she could make it, then the bombshell that she actually lived on much longer than expected and had no hope whatsoever. Such great news…. Just puts a smile on my face. -.-

At least they get a sis-mance hug?

Music-wise I loved the opening Yume Note or Dream Note, the song fits the anime well as it’s like a song about hopes and achieving them just like the anime. Sweet…. Listen to it, it is a nice sweet song to listen to when you feel down and out and need that push in life. Listen to MUSIC not drugs, this PSA has been brought to you by InterestSoap.

Note: It is hard to get screenshots of OPs

Now I know this is a really long review, but this anime has touched my, in all seriousness it shows you how no matter what as long as effort is put in, nothing can really hold you back. If I gave you a detailed review, let’s say I’ll be too lazy to do it in the first place. Okay, time for the final score and a more humor.

Look at the straw hat... have you seen it before?

Story-line: 8/10 (I am a lenient guy)

Animation: I have no idea how to really rate this, but I’ll give it 7/10

Application to real life: 11.5/10 ( I do not need to explain )

 Eh Ah Hai! It’s Moe-pic time!!!!! And this time aren’t the pics high qualateh?

Its never too late for Halloween, when cosplay is a norm

Hell yeah… The K-ON pics are back in action. =)


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  1. I think the review was just the right length, it covered all the bases without you rambling on.

    • i took a lot of thought to make this one… lol…. longest anime review ever and best picture quality ever….. and CUTE ANUNYAN PIC!!!

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