Redemption!!! (Guilty Crown Episodic – Episodes 3 and 4)

A lil epic scenery pic instead of Yuri for today

Well, this took long enough to write. Episode 4 has been out for like, 5 days? Minimum? I apologize but I finally received my copy of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 a day ago so I’ve pretty much spent all my time playing it and not doing anything else.

If you did not know this post would contain loads of spoilers, you aren’t very bright; my friend. 

Remember this son of a bitch? This arsehole? This douchebag? I can't think of enough names for him

Surprise, she's moving in

Pardon me as my nose bleeds

Alrighty, lets see what happens in Episodes 3 and 4. In 3, we find out exactly how Gai knew that blond-haired douchenozzle’s Void would be “The Kaleidoscope” so that answers a confusion I had from episode 2 about Gai’s statement. And I kinda expected it, but Inori pretty much forces her way in Shu’s home. (I like forceful girls……and Inori is really attractive ain’t she?). A bit of dialogue and a compromising view of Inori later, we get to the point of the episode!! It seems when Shu was manning-up and helping Gai kick massive ass against the GHQ, he was seen by someone. The someone in question being a student from Shu’s school. Gai was only able to tell this mysterious bugger’s Void with his ability hence its Shu’s problem to find out exactly who it is and “remove the complication”.

a lil fanservice never hurt anyone

dun dun dun!!!!

Tralalala, a bit of fanservice and awkward situations later, BAM, we find out who it is. Its none other than Yahiro, Shu’s “friend” or sorts. Suddenly, Inori whips out a gun and prepares to shoot Yahiro. That’s Gai’s meaning of “taking care of the problem”. Then Shu once again finds his nuts and saves his friend, with a deal that they would not tell each other secret, that of Shu being involved with the shady Funeral Parlor and Yahiro’s of being a drug dealer known as “Sugar”. Fast forward, next day, “Sugar” betrays Shu and tosses his ass to GHQ. End of episode 3.

Tossed to the wolves. Or was it dogs?

My opinion of Episode 3 was that I was actually kinda expecting it. As soon as Inori showed up at Shu’s school, I knew that he was gonna be chucked into a shitstorm in episode 3, without a doubt. The whole “Supposed friend betrays protagonist even after a deal” plot device is an old one, but one that serves to give the audience what they want. Some emotional drama and an opportunity for Shu to show that he does indeed; has some balls. Overall, I would say Episode 3 was a slight let down after all the high-jinks in Episode 1 and 2 in terms of sheer bad-assery but still enjoyable.

creepy mofo

Cue Episode 4!! Shu wakes up in a GHQ office in the charge of a purple-haired weirdo who intends to interrogate him with some rather interesting tools (Nothing sexual, mind you). I have to say he is a rather good manipulator and Shu might not be exactly strong willed so his minds get completely boned-over by the purple-haried creep. Then we find out that Gai intend to attack the very building Shu is being held captive in. Happily, no cliches ensued when it is known that the main intention is not to save Shu’s sorry ass but to free as mass murderer!!! So the purple-haired man was telling the truth about Funeral Parlor’s intentions.

Epic announcement. "we're gonna go into your building and wreck the place"

Join the Dark (Light?) Side!!! We have cookies

And hence, Shu’s faith is tested when Gai shows up, ordering him to find this mass murderer when he is en route out of the facility to draw out his Void. And this is the redemption for the show. A small one but still made the show slightly better in my eyes. Shu mans the eff up, and questions Gai. But Gai doesn’t give an answer, leaving Shu to decide where his allegiance lies. That’s the time when shit hits the fan and Funeral Parlor turns the GHQ building into a war-zone. Lots of explosions and guns start going on, the graphics making it all looks real frigging good. And Shu finally chooses to side with Gai then GHQ. I suppose its the lesser of 2 evils. And then, Inori shows up. This pretty much fortifies Shu’s resolve and he jumps straight into action. Only when Inori shows up huh?

Ripping the void outta a mass murderer. Also, DEM EYES XD


What happens next is a massive flurry of action with plenty of physics-defying sci-fi weaponry followed by a rape-streak with Inori’s Void. In the last scene, we see Shu carrying the unconscious Inori out of the wreck of the GHQ building where he meets Gai. Then an epic quote “If you can’t decide, then believe in me”. Shu then decides to go with Gai but keeps the communication device GHQ gave him.

When his eyes end up like this, shit is about to go down!!!


In all, I greatly enjoyed Episode 4. Something about the combination of the action and Shu’s character development made this Episode very interesting. Especially his decision to hold onto the communicator. He doesn’t toss it to the ground and grind it with his heel like the many movie’s I’ve watched. He keeps it. Smart decision, you never know what could happen next. I suppose it shows that Shu ain’t as much of an airhead as we thought. For episode 5, I can’t really say. I hope its not a filler episode thought but I doubt it will be. Its gonns be something about Funeral Parlor attacking another GHQ facility I think. But I have the feeling we’ll learn more about Inori in episode 5 since they’ve held it off for 4 episodes.

And Closure for the ep

P.s A shout-out to Tomphile . Thx for telling me about VLC’s snapshot function. Sure as hell made writing this post easier


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