We wanted to write something more risque in nature

I think I got your attention. Also, garter belts are hot ^.^

It didn’t take as long as Part 2 to produce because my editor could find time to edit it quickly. It started out with 600 words. Then I added some Yuri goggles and imagination so here’s 1,200 words or so of sweet Yuri. Enjoy

Sayaka X Kyouko = X3

Forbidden Lilies – Part 3

Aria had turned back to her side and dove back under the quilt as Niko left for the shower. Closing her eyes, she had returned back to her slumber within seconds. However, her sleep was interrupted when her alarm clock went off; an hour after Niko had left their apartment. She rolled out of bed and turned it off with a deft twist of her wrist. She yawned and stretched her stiff arms before getting out of bed to head for the shower, the prospect of another productive day at her job in her mind.

The bathroom was still damp from Niko’s earlier use of it as Aria got into the shower, the water’s temperature was just cozily warm. As the warm water rushed down her slim shoulders and long hair, her mind drifted under the soothing water. She thought of the problem that had been troubling her in the recent days… …

A few days ago, Aria and Niko had been having a passionate moment together. Niko was holding Aria in her arms as they stood, her lips locked on Aria’s. It was a very intense kiss and Aria was already feeling weak in her knees as Niko broke off, staring up at the taller Niko, panting a little.  Niko then smiled mischievously before proceeding to bend further down to continue kissing Aria. As their kiss continued, Aria suddenly felt Niko’s tongue enter her mouth. She was surprised at the suddenness of the action and her eyes shot open, but the tender caress of Niko’s tongue seemed to numb her mind completely. She found her resolve and parted her lips from Niko’s; to which Aria softly mumbled “Niko, I can’t think properly” her words slurring slightly. Niko’s only reply was to grin cheekily. Niko was looking at Aria’s face and she could not resist kissing her again with such an adorable look on Aria’s face.

Aria’s legs were almost folded out below her so she offered little resistance as Niko bended down to kiss her again for the third time. This time, Niko pushed her against the wall in the midst of their kiss and continued the ministrations of her tongue against Aria’s. As the kiss dragged on, Niko realized she could not handle it anymore and urgently pulled away from Aria, both of them panting. Niko relentlessly continued to press kisses to Aria’s neck, causing her to moan and shudder slightly. Niko then moved down to Aria’s shoulder blade. At that moment, Aria was too dazed and could not think straight and vaguely tried to push Niko away. How Niko ignored her and continued to kiss lower, to areas more private while her hand slowly slid up Aria’s shirt. Finally, Aria regained her composure and interjected: “Niko!! S-stop!!” and looked away as she pushed Niko. Niko looked slightly disappointed and was breathing heavily, a line of glistening saliva tracing from her parted lips.

. Niko quickly blushed as she regained her composure before apologizing for her forcefulness. They both looked away awkwardly then, Aria still pressed up against the wall, her left wrist held in Niko’s right hand while Niko’s left hand was on Aria’s navel. Niko then looked back to Aria purposefully and sat both her and Aria down on the bed, the atmosphere still silent between them. “I’m sorry Aria, but you were just too cute for me to resist” admitted Aria, which caused Aria to look down and blush a deeper shade of crimson, her face heavily flustered.  Niko saw that expression and muttered “cute” before giggling. Aria looked up to see Niko in mirth and pouted while asking Niko to stop laughing. Niko started to tease her, and Aria got irritated at that and she thrust her head forward, locking her lips on Niko’s with a “chuuu~” sound. Niko was greatly surprised at the normally submissive Aria taking the lead and suddenly found herself pinned on the bed, her lips still on Niko’s. Niko then caved in when she saw that Aria’s eyes were squeezed shut in embarrassment, the blush clearly showing on her fair skin. Niko grinned and closed her eyes as well to fully enjoy the heady emotions surrounding them.

However, Aria had been a bit unsettled by the events that night. Although she enjoyed Niko’s advances, she was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of “going all the way” with her. Aria felt that they should not be so quick to rush into such things. It was not because Aria was unsure about the sincerity of Niko’s love. The incidents that night and on many other occasions proved that. Aria feared her lack of experience would end up hurting or making Niko angry instead, souring their relationship. Aria was also deeply embarrassed at even the thought of it and that only added to her apprehension. Simply the thought or mention of the word “sex” made Aria blush intensely, much to the amusement of her co-workers when they asked her questions about her “boyfriend”. In the end, it was because of Aria’s innocence and naivety that lay the problem and she had no idea how to approach this delicate topic with Niko.

As Aria thought about this in the shower, she also came to realize something. Although she was in general uncomfortable and unsettled at the idea of making love, Aria realized that she would not mind as long as it was for Niko. She was deeply in love with Niko and it was as simple as that. It would be a way for the two of them to bond closer, both mentally and physically. Just as Aria thought of that, she once again blushed at the thought of her and Niko proving their love physically to each other. She still felt embarrassed at the idea of doing so.

Aria sighed as she exited the shower, drying the water of her lithe body with the towel. Although this was a nagging dilemma in her head, she could not ask the person she trusted most in the world for advice. She could not bring herself to ask Niko about such a topic as she feared she might have interpreted Niko’s actions wrongly or that it would startle her.

The thoughts that were swimming in Aria’s head only served to make her depressed and troubled. She sighed as she pushed these worrying thoughts out of her mind before heading out of their shared apartment. With her house keys rattling against each other in her pocket, Aria tried to lift her mood as she headed towards the bus stop. She really wanted to have Niko comfort her to suppress the disturbed thoughts in her head. But she would have to wait till lunch for that. The prospect of meeting Niko later brightened up her mood a little and placed a spring in her step. Aria smiled and started to look forward to the day again.


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