The Exhibition which Bans Photography (AFA 2011 thoughts)

So just a couple of days ago (just 2), Cybrog and I went to the BIGGEST ANIME EVENT (in south-east Asia), Anime Festival Asia and it was both of our first time going for such an event since we both started on animes this year. Overall, I have to say that the event was extremely fun and it’s definitely an eye-opener and a new experience for me. So armed with my trusty DSLR, a Canon 550D if  you want to know, we spent our entire weekend there. (BTW if you did not notice… I’m quite the enthusiastic photographer though still learning a lot) I took around 365 pictures and these are the best few.

And this is only in the morning

If you want to know more about this year’s AFA, you can go to the website or google it. Basically, it’s an exhibition of anime with several places for you to buy stuff and experience stuff like the maid café (built to rob people of their money). The main highlight for this year’s AFA is the I Love Anisong Concert which is a concert of anime songs.

The line up for the concerts

For the shops selling stuff, there is a crap load of things for you to buy, only if you have a pocket that is deep enough. Most of the stuff that you buy there are like $30, and these are the cheaper ones. An angel beats shirt was like $45.90! Being the poor blokes we are, we could only get a handful of stuff. Other than that there is not much to say about the exhibition except for THERE IS A K-ON SHOP! Anywhat, enjoy some of the pictures of the merchandise they sell.

Let's say i spent a long time here

For the concert at night, the most memorable concert for me has to be LiSA’s, in my opinion only. (cause Cyborg likes Kalafina) I find that she gives of contagious energy that spreads to everybody, whether it is playing a call and response game with the audience or doing an energetic dance. If I am not wrong, she interacts with the audience much more as compared to the other performers and that is the whole point of going to a live event.

Not the actual AFA concert, but you get the idea. Interesting note, during LiSA’s concert, I was praying for her to perform My Soul, Your Beats, and when she did, let’s say the result was AWESOME. Interestingly, both Cyborg and I were on a fence preventing people from smashing the recording equipment. When  LiSA started singing we were both sitting on that fence about 1m higher than everyone. Judging that we were below the camera… I say she saw us. =)

The queue to the concert was not fun... i can tell you that

When she finished Brave Song, she started tearing up and crying, as Cyborg aptly said “Her next song was the Angel Beats ED which left her crying and SleepySlacker ecstatic.” I was cheering my head off… But her performance was truly captivating.

Completely unrelated: unglam AKB48 picture

Another group Milky Holmes from the an anime was strangely rejected by the crowd for reasons unknown, they were boo-ed for some reason though their performance was not bad. Being the weird guy I am, I was the only one who noticed that one member was missing.

if this photo or blog post gets taken down.... it means that they really do not want photos taken.

Kalafina’s performance was not bad (I am going to get killed for this) but I find that the range of songs they could do was not very versatile. All their songs more or less had the same theme…

I really wanted this poster =( and lol SINGAPOLE

Unfortunately, like many instances in this event, the use of photography is banned; hence I could not get any photos whatsoever. And this really gets irritating, mainly because so many opportunities for nice photos were ruined when those damn security tried to stop you from taking photos.

A paradoxical picture XP

On the side note, cosplayers do not ask for money when getting their picture taken, hence, I took a lot of photos of cosplayers ( and everything else that can be taken off )

Cute? It gets better

There's MORE!

Quite good cosplaying....

This seems familiar

No good cosplays of her... so a figure will do


apparently these are the most popular shirts

Mami.... and Len.... is this possible?

My most "artistic picture" from the entire thing

Madoka again! (CUTE)

Uhhh..... this seems wrong

and if you do see this message, it means you actually looked at the pictures… and its time for the moe pic, but since its AFA…. lets do a “live” version of MOE…

One of the 2 pics I am actually in... Unfortunately, Cyborg is not as good as photography as one might expect...

This is hands down the BEST K-ON!! cosplay I have seen… And yes this picture is cropped… the arm next to her is mine…. I like to remain unknown thank you very much. If this posts receives more attention than expected, I will try to do another AFA post with more pictures.


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