A touch of Awesome, a bunch of Meh (Guilty Crown Episodic – Episodes 5 and 6)

C'mon, you can't dislike the pic

Yes, I’m still watching Guilty Crown. I do know it is pretty crappy at times but hey, the awesome bits kinda off-sets those bits. And it’s still entertaining.

Well, Episode 5 was a bit cliched but I still enjoyed it. I was going to write a post right after Ep5 to discuss something but I didn’t in the end.

So previously in Ep4, we see Shu decided to go along with Gai to join the merry ranks of Funeral Parlor. So in Ep5, Funeral parlor now attempts to train the weak Shu to become a field operative and he’s put under Ayase’s care. The bits immediately after those show Shu in training and generally not doing a whole lot right. But the most interesting bit comes after. Whilst walking through the compound that Funeral Parlor uses as a base, he comes across Inori, sitting on a balcony, looking out the windows. Of course, he decides to talk to her (It’s pretty obvious he likes her, right?) where he asks her reason why she joined Funeral Parlor.

Can't run for shit

Can't shoot for shit

Couldn't lift a big gun. For shit

Cue dramatic music

It’s explained that Gai is somehow her benefactor of sorts and she feels indebted to Gai. Then, Shu does something stupid. Again. He asks Inori if she would leve with him if he was to decide to leave Funeral Parlor. The answer is obviously No. Inori follows up to explain that all she did when she acted like she had feelings for Shu was under Gai’s orders to get Shu into Funeral Parlor. A big ouch for Shu, I’m sure. Then Inori leaves and Shu sees her going into a room with Gai while he feels absolutely like shit.

I’m surprised Shu actually didn’t pussy put and use the pen communicator given to him by GHQ. It seems he’s manned up. A bit. Anyways, for the final “test” before he is fully inducted into Funeral Parlor, it seems he has to beat Ayase in her Endlave to cross past her. Which everyone sees as impossible. Even Shu thinks so too. However, whilst in the middle of his struggle to complete his task, he has a moment of genius (or realization) that he has the Void Genom, so he promptly runs up to a guy and rips his Void out. As usual, it’s a useful void for such a situation and blinds Ayase, allowing him to make it past her. In his moment of triumph, news comes in that Gai has been shot at by GHQ’s orbital death laser thing-a-ma-jig, which promptly dampens everyone’s mood.

brb, ripping out someone's Void

It's a flashlight that shoots darkness!! How useful in this situation

No matter how manly you are, you will always have that silly face on when this shit happens

Episode 5 was actually incredibly interesting. Well, many complain it was cliched but I haven’t watched all that many shows to really get irritated by cliches. Of course, the most intriguing bit was when Shu finds out Inori’s real reason for being so close to him. C’mon, who didn’t think that he would actually pussy out. He’s not exactly the strongest of male characters. But he didn’t!! Which shows some character advancement. I hope. Lets see if he reverts back to his old self in a bit. The action is this episode wasn’t as good as the previous ones since there was no large scale operation but still fun to watch either way. (The face on a person’s face when his or her Void is pulled out by Shu is always funny)

Episode 6 continues where 5 left of. Gai’s position has been shot at by Leucocyte, GHQ’s brand new shiny death laser in the sky. It has the ability to hit any target in Japan and hence is of great interest to Funeral Parlor. Mostly, they wanna blow it to kingdom come. And it turns that Gai indeed did survive the attack, despite the fact that everyone with him at that time dropped dead. Well, they can’t kill him yet right? (If they did kill him, it actually might make the show a bit better depending on how they do the plot twist. Or I’m just evil).

Can't touch this!!

So it is decided that Funeral Parlor would once again hold a large scale operation, this time to invade a fortified GHQ installation under a dam to destroy leucocyte’s control module. Through some circumstances, Shu’s ability is once again needed as touching the control module renders it un-manipulable. So he is required to rip out the gravity-defying void of the young mass murderer they broke out of jail in Ep4 and use that to mess around with the control module.

However, Shu decides that he does not want to take part in the said operation. His reason is somewhat in thought of others and partly that he’s a bit of a wuss. He is afraid that since the whole plan revolves on him messing with the module, him failing would result in large amounts of casualties who will die all in vain. See, partly in thought of others but mostly self-doubt. Inori steps in of course, to try and change Shu’s mind. He is still indeed infatuated with her and hence listens to her.

Inori gives Shu access to the medical bay that Gai is in after the attack he was in so that he can listen to Gai as he talks. Gai obviosuly thinks it’s Inori that enters since she’s the only one that can enter so he starts speaking his mind. It is then revealed that Gai also does doubt himself. He wonders why everyone wants to follow him and hence, he has to put on his “leader” face whenever he comes to difficult decision, which kinda causes him to come off as cold and indifferent. Hence, he “allows others to spoil him” whenever he loses confidence. And as an attack to Shu, he includes while speaking “Inori too”. Shu proceeds to punch Gai IN DAH FACE. A whole lot of manly soul searching involving trading punches ends in Shu seeing Gai’s side of the story and agreeing to aid him in the next operation.

That Face. I'm glad I paused at that exact moment XD

The eyes of "Shit's about to hit the fan"

He's not so much creepy as kinda weird


In the midst of the attack, the return of blond-and-douchy heralds a hiccup in the plan as he tries to kill Shu for humiliating him. Gai promptly shoots the Endlave in the head. Repeatedly. Till it dies. But in the flurry of rage-induced shooting, it seems that the Endlave has shot and damaged the control modules and one of Leucocyte’s satellite relays is going to smash into Tokyo and turn it into a parking lot. (It seems as long as you live in Tokyo, all kinds of shit is going to happen to you). It is decided the only way to destroy the free-falling wrecking ball is to destroy it with the Leucocyte weapon system. Also, it turns out the pen “communicator” Shu was given by GHQ was actually a targeting module for Leucocyte that would fire on the pen’s position. Shu is of course glad he didn’t pussy out and activate it.


Hence, Gai’s plan is to line up himself, the falling satellite and the operation Leuclyte laser so destory the satellite but at the same time, putting himself in the way of the laser. However, as Gai is about to put his plan into action, Shu Ouma jumps in to (attempt to) save the day!! It appears that Inori somehow combines the gravity-affecting void and her own Void to create a giant sword. That also shoots a death laser. It seems that the covert method to disable Leucocyte has been abandoned in favour of the direct methood of “lets blow both those f&%^!%$g satellites up at the same time”. Shu fires the sword-laser thingy and turns both satellites into debris in the sky, hence saving the day. And that’s the end of Ep6. It was rather obvious it would end as such



Ep6 was of course, way more action packed than Ep5. It was of course, of great interests, to learn of Gai’s true thoughts about himself and Funeral Parlor. Gai is still the better character for now. He’s more dynamic than Shu, which I hope will change by forwarding Shu’s growth. Mostly, this episode was entertaining to see stuff blow up.

Ep6 ended with this last scene. Of course I’m curious to find out what she means but I have a feeling that it’s related to Shu and Inori. Especially since it seems they had interacted in the past


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