Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke OVA “In The Dark” Review

Hi internet.

Recently I became interested in anime thanks to Slacker and also had some free time, contrary to my name, so I decided to join this blog. Cyborg is letting me write whatever I want here as long as its quality so I chose something that was fresh in my mind and was suggested to me by Cyborg himself.

Since I was bored yesterday, I asked Cyborg to suggest an anime to me and he told me to watch Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke’s OVA (After I watched it, I couldn’t imagine why he though i’d enjoy it). I had no idea what this “anime” was about or how long it was so that’s why i’m calling this an “In The Dark” review.

So, I set off on my journey to find this OVA. I found a short clip on YouTube which starts like this:

Wait WHAT?

That should’ve warned me about the OVA. But being naive, I continued to look for it and eventually downloaded the full video with english subs (Which I now regret very much). The OVA is about two lesbian girls Mai, a long blonde-haired  tsundere and Reo, her short dark-haired girlfriend. From what I know, Sono Hanabira is a series of yuri visual novels and this is the only OVA.

Reo and Mai

Fair warning: the following OVA contains explicit nudity, homosexual themes and absolutely no plot. It starts out with an explicit sex scene between the two (to my immediate disapproval) in, you guessed it, the infirmary. I won’t put up pictures of that because its not for the faint hearted, or anyone under 18.

While I’m sure it would have been a solid scene for some of you out there, the animes I watched so far were all very innocent and I didn’t enjoy it. To give you an idea, my thoughts throughout the scene were: “WHAT THE HELL, CYBORG?!”.

Still, I couldn’t just  stop and delete after I took 2 hours to download this, so I sat through Mai basically pleasuring Reo and then vice versa. Because the infirmary was cold, Reo fell ill and had to stay in bed, missing out on school. I have to admit this part is kawaii, ignoring the Yuri elements. Reo thinks about Mai and wishes she was by her side.

Sad Reo

Then suddenly, Mai appears. Being the tsundere she is, Reo becomes very embarrassed, denies being sad and tries to act indifferent (which is super cute). Mai sees through it and takes care of her. Reo becomes extremely flustered whenever Mai touches her (innocently). With Reo being very withdrawn, Mai takes advantage of her sensitivity to take care of her and make advances, like making Reo drink water by putting some in her mouth and kissing Reo.

I wouldn't mind getting water like that

Mai then suggests that Reo bathe but she cannot do it by herself. Mai then starts undressing her (huge surprise there), offering to help her but Reo pulls away. Mai gives up after a struggle and leaves, but not before pecking Reo on the cheek. After the door closes Reo smiles and flashes back to when she confessed to Mai, followed by Mai’s confession to Reo and the two kissing for the first time.

Lesbian confessions are never easy...

Later Mai comes back and Reo finally accepts her offer to wash her and takes off her shirt. It starts innocently, then Mai starts to focus heavily on washing Reo’s breasts, to which she objects. Mai admits that she wants to have some more sex with Reo, but Reo objects, afraid that Mai will catch her illness. After Mai finishes, she starts to leave but Reo stops her and admits that she also wants to have sex. Another sex scene ensues (*gasp* how unexpected!) and Mai ends up being sick now with Reo staying by her side to take care of her.

Time for the bashing…

There was no plot at all, which is forgivable since it was created to showcase the two girls from the visual novel. That being said, I felt like it was made for the sole purpose of satisfying a tsundere, kawaii and yuri fetish (So right up Cyborg’s alley). I like Reo’s moe cuteness and innocence.

What I don’t like is the HUGE amount of sex compared to the amount of time they spent together normally. It just makes it look like their whole relationship is built around sex.

The art style isn’t bad with the eyes and lighting being done pretty well and animation is smooth but its nothing outstanding. In general the OVA was only very mildly entertaining and forgettable unless you were looking for some hentai, or you were like me and saw it without any prior context and got scarred for life.

Moral of the story: When sex is mentioned in an anime, don’t assume there’s none.

If you enjoyed reading that, don’t expect many more posts because I’ll probably be too lazy to make more  Unless I get 56382 likes and comments or something like that.



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  1. Mission Accomplished: Get LessThanFree to watch Yuri

    Pity you didn’t like. But the Sono Hanabira series is not meant to focus on plot. It focuses on the interactions between characters rather than following a plot to the end.

  2. lol… good job though…….. your first post =)

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