It’s Here! For them… (K-ON!! movie anticipation post)

Now… to all the K-ON fans are thinking… 3rd Dec 2011. If you call yourself a K-ON!! Fan and still do not know this date, please throw yourself off the building. Let me give you a hint… IT’S THE FRIGGING MOVIE!!! ITS HERE AT LAST… AT LOOOONNNNGGGG LAST! So for those people in Japan, congratulations, you get to see it in the cinema before the rest of the world and by the time we get to torrent it, you will be looking through all the limited edition stuff you bought.

So close yet so FAR!!!

Anyway, enough on me hating K-ON!!  fans who have the great luck of experiencing both concerts and the movie grand opening. Just to emphasize how unfair life can be to you sometimes… I have a close friend who thanks to me likes anime…. Not LessThanFree, anywhat, his family is going to Japan for a holiday; in fact they are already there and guess which part. KYOTO, K-ON!! HQ… and they should be there on the 3rd of Dec, ahhh….. the fairness of life.

My solution? Find this guy and rob him!

Ok better stop the hating. Anyway, like almost everyone else, I have been waiting for it for a really long time and after checking out Yoko Hikasa’s blog translation… I got even more exicted. You can check it out over here. It’s one of the places I go every time to check out for anything interesting since I am a Hyochi fan as well… Tehepero!

preparing for movie interviews... HNNGG

So while waiting for it to reach us poor folks, let’s rewatch the entire season of K-ON!! Again. Oh wait, I think I did that too many times. This is becoming more of a rant post so I’ll spam the clueless fools with the info from the movie.

now grasp the awesomeness of being a seiyuu.... you get paid to have fun

It is basically a trip for the entire keion-bu to London, but from the trailer, I can definitely feel something bad going to happen. Most likely this will be the last time Azu-nyan will be appearing with the rest of the group and season 3 depends on exactly what comes out for this movie. So it’s a really tense situation. On the not really brighter side, the soundtrack for the movie get’s released on Dec 7th, so we can get a feel of the movie before it reaches us, if there is some nice cracker in Japan willing to break laws for the good of the internet.

So, K-ON!! Fans out off Japan, let us wait for this holy grail to reach us through the sacred rite of UTORRENTING. My god I am really high. To end off…. Since this is a K-ON movie… K-ON!! MOE PIC MUAHAHAHAHA! and btw i stocked up on a lot of these… MUAHAhar…

Since its the movie... we need a group pic!


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  1. Thanks for the plug there. =)

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