Sorry for being gone and prepare for the SPAM (Boku Ep 6/7 Review)

Hello again… to the few regulars this blog has. Though you might not have noticed, I have not posted anything for nearly 2 weeks and I have a good reason for that. I have just come back from an outdoor camp that most of you should have heard off, OBS. So now that I am back in touch with technology, I will spam you guys with (hopefully) three posts before it reaches 1 am here in Singapore.

Finally found a way to get high def pics!(more or less)

So now, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (or Boku since the name is so long). Episodes 6 & 7. So far this anime has shown to be very entertaining from the start with the new characters thrown into the mix, a lot more insanity has joined in. (or so I thought)   For episode 6, it’s mostly about them going to Karaoke and some stupidity that ensues. Not much stuff in the front but when they reached the Karaoke house, Yozora brings up a rather interesting point. No matter how many people use the same room, the maximum number of songs that they can sing is still the same, so why are we charged for every single person that walks in?

Interesting idea....

Somehow, trolling takes place. Yozora and Sena get the idea of having one person taking each room to make the most of their money and to make the guy at the counter feel really sad about his life. Then Kodoka, being the great man he is, just takes the rest of the club to another room. After the whole singing takes place, nothing much really happens…

The full cast... MAKE USE OF THEM IN THIS EP!

My thoughts? Honestly, I felt that this was one of the duller episodes as I expected more from the fact that the total number of characters nearly doubled but not much of the new characters was shown. The singing of the seiyuus as their characters was not bad… but why leave out the new characters… by that I mean Kobato. I was kinda hoping to hear Kanazawa Hana sing. Enough of me hating, overall, I will give it 6/10 cause I really wanted more than that. After all the weird action scenes, this anticlimax just turns me off, the touching part between the 2 girls and Kodoka just made me irratated, I know I’m being a hater, but you get what I mean… right? RIGHT?

Let her sing!!! GOD ok... hater mode off

Episode 7. Now this is where the missing elements I was talking about appeared. The comedy picks up, much more. After Kodoka gives Yukimura the job of feeding Maria, we get an extremely misleading picture involving a girl tied to a chair and a bottle of protein powder. A good start… let’s see what can happen next.

come on i know what you're thinking

Not much (for now) as we find out Sena gets burned on the Internet for protecting a character from haters (not me) from one of her many eroges. Then the it somehow just hits them that they could communicate using hand phones. Wow, Rika really deserves to be a genius for coming with that idea…

Nothing to say... no really

To make things even better, Kodoka and Yozora goes gaga over infrared transfer of info. The question is: what will they be like if they knew things like bluetooth and wifi exists? Now that would be something really crazy. After more of Yozora crushing Sena’s ego, we see how horny Rika can get and how desperate Sena is to fit in.


This post has been long enough so I will not go in too much detail.   This episode has been just insanity and laughter, exactly what I was looking for. The part where Kodoka looked so clueless over his own phone and their reaction to the “younger generation”, was priceless. So for this episode I’ll say that it gets a 8.5/10.

Life rule: learn to use your phone fast

Again to the few regulars we have and the even fewer that recognizes the name SleepySlacker, thanks for your support and as a reward you get a moe pic!

since this is a boku review....

Btw, if you have not noticed yet, I was/is extremely high when writing this post, but I just want to thank the 10+/- supporters we have.


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