Defeat is Heresy (Battle Report #2)

A Mecha pic since its somewhat related to the post

Well, since I am on my end-of-year holidays, I’ve decided that since I have loads of time, I should go and play some games. And so I did. Thus far, I have played 2 games and the score stands at me with 4 victories and JustinDent at 1 victory in total.

We played 1 annihilation match then a objectives match. I won the annihilation and JustinDent won the objectives match.

I have concluded after some analysis that the army list I have constructed is a Assassination Force. Pretty much, I can kill the big guys and the important guys real fast. Everything else however, I will take time to kill. So Elites, HQs and Vehicles are no match against the combined might of 3 Destructor pattern Predators, A Land-Raider, 2 Land-Speeders and loads of other good stuff.

The annihilation match was a rather close match with me winning by 1 victory point. A lucky shot by JustinDent’s Demolisher killed most of my Plasma Tactical Squad save 1 guy. It’s because of this 1 guy that we didn’t draw in the first place as a victory point is only allocated with the complete destruction of a squad.

My Rifleman Dreadnought died almost immediately as the battle commenced when JustinDent’s Defiler blew it to bits with its Battle Cannon. The next squad to die was the Terminators who were wiped out in a battle against JustinDent’s Terminators, his Terminator Sorcerer and his Noise Marines. It was a glorious battle, but they perished. However, their Land-Raider transport avenged them and kill most of JustiDent’s Terminators.

My Multi-Melta/Heavy Flamer Land-Speeders managed to make short work of both JustinDent’s Annihilator Predator and Demolisher. However, my Ironclad Dreadnought perished in a battle against the Khorne Bezerkers when the sergeant’s Power Fist took it out. It managed to kill some of them but I’ve learned that the Ironclad is better off punching vehicles than massed squads of close-combat opponents. Happily, my Melta Tactical Squad wiped out the Bezerkers shortly after.

I apologize for not having pictures of this match.

JustinDent's heavy support

The 2nd match we played was an objective match with 3 objectives and comprised of 5 rounds. My main disadvantage was already clear as the short amount of rounds meant that my reserve units (Ironclad Dreadnought, Assault Marines and Land-Speeders) would have difficulty entering the battlefield. I was disadvantaged by my lack of units able to capture points. Only Tactical units and HQs can capture objectives and I had 3 in total. JustinDent had 4. And they were a lot tougher than mine. There were little casualties in this match for me but I did lose a Predator to an assault by JustinDent’s Terminators. Terminators really are worth their points considering the difficulty involved to kill them, especially when behind cover.

Also disadvantaged in terms of space to maneuver....

Massive pileup involving 2 tactical squads and their Rhinos (one of which is destroyed)

Mostly, this match was lost by my inability to push forward and defend the points. All my units lose the ability to fire their more powerful weapons if they move hence they could not secure points while defending it. They had to rely on another unit to support them as they obtained the points. Hence, my army had to slowly advance forward where JustinDent’s army could just rush forward without loss of firepower or mobility. I conceded defeat after the fourth round as it was inevitable I would lose.

The triumphant Terminators after they beat down my Predator with their Power Fists

Contesting a objective. Land-Raiders vs Daemon Prince and Raptors

We both hope to play a match against other opponents besides each other soon. Its kinda boring with the same opponent all the time.



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