Lolicons and Perverts Rejoice! (Boku Ep Review 8,9)

Hello the few constant people who continue to visit this blog. After taking a heck long time, re-watching the episodes 3 times to convince myself to do it, episode 8 and 9 review. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy it and my effort will be put to good use. To start off, this is the episode of fanservice, and watching it with your parents around is definitely not advised. Let me give you an example.

Stop staring, the post barely started....

Now that that is out of the way, let me start. After seeing a replay of the Full Metal Necromancer (does the name remind you of something?) the main character releases her magic seal and _strips_ I mean transforms to a “lighter clothed” version which Kobato immediately tries to imitate. And that is simply 3 minutes into the show! The first time you see Kobato in normal clothes, ahh…. that gothic loli dress was just a bit too overkill for me.

A shark in a pool, that's uhh new....

Next we after seeing trolling takes place again, the Neighbors Club decide to have a trip to the swimming pool to prepare them when they are popular. (cough… not happening soon… cough) then we get to see something even more mind effing.

Ok guys take a break to clean your eyeballs... ugh... my eyes

You think they are going to let Yukimura off the hook for being a… a… ______ (do it yourself my mind is too badly damaged) Of course not, we get trap fanservice and that makes me conclude something new, Boku has been converted to a harem anime. Look, every single girl / testosterone deprived male  is obsessed over Kodoka! So yes, for me that’s a new genre added.

We start with this, well it could be weirder..... she could be dancing around in that

If episode 8 was the episode for perverts with weird taste, episode 10 is the episode for lolicons and stalkers. We have already seen the _interesting_ downright freaky way Sena sees Kobato, and with a trip to meet Sena’s dad, her inner pedo-bear explodes.

She loves to see little kids sleep, so they will not notice her ______ them

Then again, I can somewhat understand her attitude towards Kobato…. She can be cute without her cosplay on.

The can be only 2 reactions.... "HNNNGGG" or "Awww....."

Moving on, Kodoka ends up drinking with Sena’s dad, Pegasus, yes what a manly name. I know. Who as we all know is the dude in charge of the school. From this episode, 2 things. 1. He cannot drink for nuts. 2. He is an expert planker.

Look at the skill, the passion.... such precise planking...Encore!

So now all is left is to look out for the next episode and I hope that you will look out for the next post. Now, for the first time (and not really the last) a yuri pic. Woah woah chill… it’s a MOE-yuri pic. OF K-ON!! Take that hater… I need a life… -.-

I know this pic is on my About Me page... its too cute to be used once.... =)


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