SPOILERS, depending on how you look at it… (K-ON movie Tease)

For those of you who still do not know about it the K-ON!! Movie is out. Knowing me, I had to find out what happened and I did the most taboo-ed thing ever, I read spoilers. Fortunately I did not go so deep into it so I only know a little bit. For those who just want to know about it read on, but do not worry these are still quite “light” spoilers, to be hard-cored ruined go http://forums.animesuki.com/showthread.php?t=97858&page=30, warning: It might blow your brain apart. Do not worry, this post barely touches the zone of spoiler. BUT, there are spoilers…. as I was reminded some people hate them.

Ready or not, here i SPOIL

First thing I noticed, not much but the general timeline for the movie is 40 mins in Japan, 45 mins in London and 20 mins back in Nihon. So it brings the movie to 105 mins! Which means 1 hour and 45 mins of epicness. Other than that there is not much.

Now for 2 spoilors. Though they really can be just interesting notes. Yui and Ui’s parents are in the movie. Yup, that’s it. And second is more of a part of the movie that interested me. When the girls are at immigration, the other girls pass through without saying much but when it’s the cute, loli Azunyan turn, she ends up saying “Yes I am 17″… I burst out laughing even though I have not seen it yet… OTL

As I read someone say, Moe Parents?!?

Those might not be the precise words since I am slowly forgetting it…. YES! But you get the idea… so that wraps up the end of the “spoiler” session, if you guys really want more go to that link, the next post about the movie should be when I either torrent the movie or preorder the blu-ray.

manga picture with the author's signature

And in addition, the Sound Track for the movie is up, again I just heard a snippet of it to check it out and it is not bad. Though again I do not want to kill the movie so I just heard a bit and will try to forget. In fact I am never going to open this blog until the movie, I will wipe what i saw from my mind…!

To wrap it up…. K-ON crossover MOE picture that Cyborg found!

MikuXAzunayan Crossover


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