Yin and Yang (Guilty Crown Episodic – Episodes 7 and 8)

I’m very sure we all know the feedback of Guilty Crown by quite some people, that it’s a bad show and a rip-off of other shows. It’s argued that the plot is poor, the character’s lacking depth and that it takes loads of elements from other animes. It’s as if Guilty Crown’s only redeeming factor is the fact that it looks good.

I’ll actually like to give my opinion on that by referring to another anime, Infinite Stratos. Let’s see. Both of them didn’t have a great plot. The characters were also not built up well and shallow at times. But it still looked really good with its CG. In these ways, Guilty Crown and Infinite Stratos are similar in my opinion. I know that they’re both pretty bad compared to most of the other animes that were aired at the same time during that season but I watched it anyways. Because it was enjoyable.

There will always be “bad” shows that we enjoy no matter how shitty we know it is. (Harold and Kumar was one that I’ve watched) I’ve watched plenty of bad movies that I’ve found incredibly entertaining despite the painful shittiness of it all. Same her for both Infinite Stratos and Guilty Crown. Something in the both these shows clicked with me and so I enjoy them, even if I have to sit through scenes of Shu being a wuss.

Now that I’m done with explaining why I’m still watching this, let’s go to the episodic!

Alright, episode 6 ended with Shu finally deciding which side he’s on so of course episode 7 ought to have him do 1 more mission. Hell, I’m expecting the rest of the episodes to be missions either way. Because that would make sense see. Either way, episode 7 shows us Shu returning back to school where people are gossiping about the reason why GHQ took him in (We all love a good gossip-mongering session don’t we). And BLAM, they introduce a crucial character of this episode in a spectacular fashion. Aria shows up and bitch-slaps a dude. Perfect entry. Shu worries about what his classmates’ reaction when he shows up and fears what they may do but it all works out in the end. This bit is pretty self-explanatory in the episode.


I forgot to mention this girl, Hare. The friend who secretly like you 😛

Fast forward a bit and we’re in Shu’s house where his mother, Haruka, is also introduced in a splendid way, although with more eroticism 😛 . Being anime parents, she doesn’t mind Inori staying with Shu in the least. Finally, Gai makes his appearance in the episode. It seems Funeral Parlor requires weapons  and supplies so they are interested in asking the Kouhein group to aid them in this aspect. Of course, this mission will require Shu. Even though there are better people for the job, his ability could come in useful any damn time.

Hi-tech robot. Used to fold laundry. Why not

Anime mums = MILF. Most of the time

I agree 😛

On the boat where the Kouhein group is having a grand party, Gai and Shu decide to sneak their way in only for Shu to blunder into Aria, who is the granddaughter of Kouhein group’s president as well as Shu’s mum, who he manages to avoid. Gai successfully delivers his message only to find out that GHQ is planning to sink the ship. A whole bunch of action scenes later involving Shu ripping out Arisa’s Void to protect the ship and Kouhein group agrees to supply Funeral Parlor. Yayzors. It is then found out that Gai actually arranged for GHQ to find out about the party so that he could use it as a display to convince Kouhein group. Sneaky.

Just four you guys. Arisa in the bath eh

They should have this guy for all further episodes. He's f*****g gold XD

Gai and his smooth moves

I suppose she's tsundere?

Personally, I thought this was a tremendously awful episode. It was just so bloody cheesy. The synchronized music in accordance to the action scene made me wanna close the video window. But I suppose it had to be done. At least some new characters were introduced. I found Arisa rather interesting. The closet coward as Gai put it.

That looks painful no matter how you think of it

The American way!!!

Pretty fireworks. But really cheesy with the music and shit

I'm really curious about this picture

Well, the reason for the title of this post would be simple to decipher from here. In my opinion. episode 8 was WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY better than 7.

Shu's mum sure is moe at times

In the first scene of ep 8, Shu leaves with his friends (well, club members actually)  for a trip to Oshima. It’s actually all part of Gai’s plan for a mission as one of the friends Shu brought along (Souta) is vital to the mission due to his Void. Haruka somewhat leaves a ominous feel to him leaving when she tells Shu to visit his father. Of course we’ll find out about that later.

Surprise giant mansion, sponsored by Kouhein Group

Oh, he's actually dead

Inori. In a swimsuit. Enjoy

Noooo!!! Don't use Inori as bait!!

Words to live by ;D


Gai tells Shu to bait Shouta out so that his Void can be drawn out for the mission. Which involves using Souta infatuation with Inori  to lure him. Not that Shu is willing to do so but he has to anyways. As usual, a bunch of random stuff later involving Shu being embarrassed in front of loads of people as well as Souta making weird, painful sounds as Shu artfully rips his Void out and Funeral Parlor is ready to infiltrate the GHQ facility. They penetrate its defenses with Souta’s void which can open stuff only to find that their objective has already been taken by another. Forgive me, but I forgot who Cheif Keido is but he took the loot with the entrance particulars of Shu’s deceased dad. So Gai’s real pissed off about that.

Yes!! It's gone~

To me, this episode was incredibly enjoyable as many facets of the show were shown from another perspective. Like about Daryl (Blond, douchy pilot of a GHQ enslave), Shu’s relationship with his pseudo-friends and what his ability really can do. We get to see some of the reason why Daryl acts as he does because of his daddy issues (we all had that at one point in life right) and Shu being incredibly distant when dealing with others being the reason why he has no true friend. Fascinating stuff actually. Some plot and character progression.

Why so serious?

Dumbass gets baited...

...then one-upped

Man lessons by Ogumo

Well, its a no-brainer that we would probably find out what their objective is in ep 9 as well as finding out more on Shu’s dad and his role in the whole fiasco. Shu will probably be bodily chucked into deep shit by Gai again for a mission.


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