The First (maybe last) of a Translation Post (K-ON!! Trailer Translation)

Now, hello again, I know I have been posting quite a lot of K-ON!! stuff. Then again, since it is still barely 3 days since the movie debuted and still has a long way to reach the poor folks living out of Japan. So with some help from a new friend I made, Aurey, in fact it was completely his work not mine, I am just here to add flavor. The K-ON!! movie trailer, with TRANSLATIONS.

Movie fan-art to set the mood....

K-ON!! Movie Trailer OR

“Is it true about the rumoured boyfriend?!”

“Are you dating?!”

“Tell us, Kotobuki-san!”

“Yeah, tell us!”


祝*卒業 Graduation celebration


Yui “So, since we’re graduating, we decided to go on our graduation trip”

Ritsu: Hawaii!

Yui: Europe!

Mugi: Hot spring~

Mio: London… maybe

Azusa: I’m okay with anywhere!


Houkago Tea Time



Mio: It’s rock.

Ritsu: Rock n’ Roll!


Yui: Side business!


海外デビュー!? Overseas debut!?


Everyone’s.. aims as a musician have gone awry.


解散 危機 Danger of breaking up


Yui: There’s.. one more important thing..


Yui: There’s something I want to do before graduating.


いつもの友達 – The usual friends


Mio: We.. wherever we go, for always, we’re together, aren’t we.

Ritsu: The time we spend together.. huh?


いつもの時間 – The usual time


Azusa: It’s like a miracle


一生の宝物 - The treasure of a lifetime


Mugi: We’ll be together for all time.


Yui: That’s because.. whenever, wherever, we’ll be Houkago Tea Time!


So… did you enjoy actually understanding what they were saying? For me it was definitely an eye-opener and for that lets give Aurey a round of applause. If you have not noticed, he is the same guy behind Hikasa Youko’s blog translations.


Relive the moment, let your tears flow...

Enough of me shamelessly advertising in hopes of getting views, when I knew what those girls were saying, the part with “Danger of breaking up” really made me say for the 100th time, “I wanna go see the MOOVVIEEEEE!”  Mini spoiler, if you do read the manga, they do spilt up so…  ;_; prepare yourself mentally, if season 3 comes out there will definitely be a tear jerker, I hope.


If season 3 does not come out, CRY. If it comes out, CRY HARDER!

The excitement is building up isn’t it? Well we have to hold it down for the next…. Hmmm… 6 MONTHS ^.^ soo…. MOE PIC TO RELIEF THE PAIN! and wow, I exhausted my Moe picture supply, do not worry its full and ready to go! BTW, this might be the last translation as I do not want to trouble anyone for complete translation so the next translation piece will be out when my Japanese improves…. so wait a while…..

We go old-school literally



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  1. Damn.. I cried.. :C

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