Remember the Name of that Flower ( Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai Season Review)

For quite some time now, I have being trying to get Cyborg and LessThanFree to watch this certain anime, but for some reason they have something else to watch. (Cyborg-Aoi Hana  LessThanFree-Neon Genesis) I have mentioned this anime in one of my posts before, it is none other than, Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, or as the much easier way to call it AnoHana. There are spoilers on the way just to make this very clear.

Dramatic Posing 0.0 this is gonna be a big one

Let me start from when I first heard of this anime, I passed by it a few times on MyAnimeList but did not really have the motivation until they introduced it at AFA 2011 so I decided to give it a go. Turns out, it was a good choice and I enjoyed it.

A cute love scene at the start... sweet (Joking)

The story is basically about a group of friends who separate once the person holding it together aka Menma dies in an accident. By the way I will be using the characters nickname in the show as it is a lot easier for me. Jintan, the leader of the groups suddenly sees an older version of Menma in front of him and she tells him she needs to have her wish fulfilled. After a whole lot of drama, the group reunites and they work together to achieve Menma’s wish.

1st spoiler, something related to her wish

Now since Jintan is the only one who can see Menma, this lets you feel both his and Menma’s pain as you see it from the omniscient view of the uhh viewer. You see both sides of the situation and you know Jintan is definitely not lying so the emotions are already there.

At times you want to dive into the show and yell at them "She's F@CKING REAL!" or is it just me

So now when you see Menma finally able make contact with the rest of the group through her diary, for me those emotions got released without me noticing in the form of tears. ;_;  after so long the entire group gets it and it provides something different from Jintan trying to convince the rest.

They know she exists we can relax... for now

The ending is kinda simple, Menma disappears after another lot of drama but before doing so she left a message to everyone and everyone could see her at last. Not much of a shocker but both Menma and Jintan like each other since they both confessed.  By then, I was already a sobbing wreck and it was a painful sight. (At least my mum did not walk in)

I did not cry, not at all (lier)

So that’s the brief summary, first I will give a very “professional” say about AnoHana. Certain parts of the show left quite a few holes in the plot, like the fact that Menma can interact with the other groups and I would be extremely shocked if an invisible 40 kg girl flung herself at me and not think of it as wind. The drama was also a little overdone. The group yelling “We found you” was just a bit weird, it just does not seem to be something people would do.

Overly dramatic it may be, it still makes you cry. So there!

Now for the more sentimental comments. This anime focuses on the fact that no matter how long, friendship can be re-ignited. I would like to go on about the ED but since I already have, I’ll just say it really sets the mood. The drama in the show although highly impossible, it applies to us albeit in a different way. I will just wrap up in one question. What would you do if your friend closest to you died? (answer it now, yes NOW!)

BTW the OP rocks as well.

People have said that this anime was a copy of CLANNAD Fuko’s arc, the drama was too much, and it just was not done well. For me, I enjoyed it. It may not be a great show but I had a hell of a time watching it. Who cares if it’s considered horrible to certain people. If you like it then that’s all that matters.

I was completely in awe at how they changed the mood around....

This has been one of my longest and wordiest posts yet so thanks for staying to the end, so as a reward, you get your Moe picture. I really appreciate any likes or comments you give so if you want to criticise or compliment go ahead, if there is anything you want the 3 of us to review go ahead, COMMENT!

I know it is yuri, but it is MOE-yuri(again)


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  1. I laughed at you describing yourself as being a sobbing wreck. AnoHana will definitely do that to you. I actually really enjoyed this series even though it was heart-wrenching. I would have loved for a couple of the characters to have been fleshed out more but I understood that the show really wanted to focus on bringing Jintan back to life because although he was physically alive, he was merely going through the motions and almost to the point of not doing even that. Glad to see someone else write about this emotional roller-coaster and not just review it.

    • thanks a lot for commenting! i think you’re the first guy! i enjoyed AnoHana a loooot…. first anime that made me that emotional….. and thanks for your support!

  2. Sorry, Yuri > everything else so its Aoi Hana first.

  3. When I read the reviews around the net, I couldn’t understand so well why it was given such good reviews. This is what happened after I watched it:
    I tried to stop myself from crying (we all know that this was futile) while watching the series. At first, it was annoying, but as the story progresses, it was actually quite good an inspirational too 😀

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