The Second One is Here! (K-ON!! Movie Music Review)

Ok, guys it’s another K-ON post, probable this will be the final one since the excitement from the movie is ending for you. (But never for me) You might be wondering what else can I write about, I already did the anticipation, spoilers and even a trailer translation. So what’s left? Yup, like the title suggests, the music.

Yes, the music review is back again and yes those girls are cute as hell

Now the OP and ED singles were released on the 7th of Dec, just a few days ago, but thanks to the power of the internet, it has reached me earlier than that. I am not going to put up any links, just look for them on  your own it’s not hard.

All the K-ON girls in their full cuteness

The OP single comes with 2 songs. Unmei♪wa♪Endless!and Ichiban Ippai. I am not sure of the meanings so I do not want to post any unreliable information.  Like all the OPs, it is sung by Toyosaki Aki, Yui’s seiyuu, and a person I like to stalk read about online.

For the Unmei♪wa♪Endless!, it is like a combination of both Season 1 and 2 OPs. It has the light pop feel of Cayake! Girls but the fast paced beats of GO! GO! MANIAC and Utauyo!! MIRACLE. (Not sure if the names are right) It’s a nice song to listen to and as I feel the fast parts sound more natural so the overall feel of the song improves. I guess the fast parts do well in making you feel excited of the movie, so kudos to the song composer.

The second song Ichiban no Ippai is my preferred of the 2. It is similar to Yui Character Singles, Sunday Siesta and Shiawase Hiyori. All these 3 songs have a light “fluffy” theme to them and give you a feeling of just wanting to relax, which suits the theme of the Keion-bu. The song also suits Aki-chan’s voice more in my opinion. Interestingly the light merry tune gives you a warm fuzzy feeling as seen in the trailer. If you don’t notice the song, I will hereby face palm.

The girls in London.... did I mention that they are cute?

The ED again is sung by the the whole Houkagou Tea Time! The songs are Singing!(Hikasa Youko) and Ohayou Mata Ashita(Everyone, I think). Again I do not know the meaning of the second one so no guesses.

Singing! has a Don’t Say Lazy feel to it with the heavy chords and mood of the song. I have no idea what the lyrics say since my Japanese is crap. But feel in love with Hyocchi’s voice long ago and this songs strengthens it. Her powerful voice suits this song well and I know I might be a bit biased but the song is enjoyable to me so check it out to hear for yourself. I have to admit it was fun dancing to this song in my room.

Ohayou Mata Ashita which I think is sung by the whole of Hougakou Tea Time, I another of those light beat songs with the girls singing it like a chorus melody and that gives you a rather nice calming feeling. Not expecting it to be one of my favourites but it’s a nice song to relax to, but I am sure it will grow onto me expecially Ayachi’s(Ayana Taketsu) voice, ugh…. It’s to moe! Let me die in this song…

So this is the end of another song review, so tell me what you think of it, COMMENT or criticize I will appreciate and act upon both. Sorry for the lack of pics but there is not much album photos and I wanted photos to suit the song well so sorry for being to perfectionistic. To apologise, MOE picture!

Meganne! My Moe Glasses Fetish!


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