As the year comes to a close (Huge arse Fall Season Impressions post)

Well, its not all that long till the end of the year. The Fall season was the first one where I’ve ever watched so many shows. So I’m going to do a impressions post of the shows so far just before their finals episodes come out (well, those that end this season of course) and speculate on the next few eps


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai/ Haganai

Not to be confused with Boku no Pico (which for some reason comes out real often when I google Haganai…), it’s the most fanservicy show of the season with flashes of pantsu, tight clothes and nude scenes rife throughout its course!!! A comedic take on what it’s like to have no friends as well as the path to getting friends, this show originally was going to be dropped by me. After episode 4, I really wasn’t enjoying it much. But on SleepSlacker’s persistance, I continued watching and I gotta say, the show is growing on me. Currently, I’m on ep10. That means 2 more left! Since it is intended to be a slice-of-life, I really can’t predict what will happen next but I suppose Kodaka will eventually realize Yozora is his old childhood friend.

For the show’s overall impression, I say “Please don’t watch this if your parents are intolerant against fanservice. If not, watch in private!” as well as it’s a rather good presentation of what it could be like to not have friends.


One of the contenders for my favourite show of the season, its a light-hearted and heartwarming  show about a girl pursuing her dreams to become the Queen of Karuta. It did not seem like much at first due to its low production cost and rather random main theme, it surpassed my expectations!! I’m glad I continued to watch past the rather meh first ep. I’m on ep 10 but the show has 25 eps. But I’m damn sure that we’ll get to see Arata soon.

Overall impression: “Awesome OP and the show is damn good too. Watch it or I’ll eat your pet”

Cube X Cursed X Curious (C3)

I decided to watch this show just because it seemed interesting. A show with both extreme moe and yet gore? Why the hell not? And to say, this show has kinda lived to my expectations. Which weren’t very high in the first place but the show is pretty decent. They did manage to balance the moe and serious parts but sometimes the transition between the 2 is a little rushed or random.  With 2 eps left as well, I’m gonna guess that we’ll find out who the culprit for all the murders is. And Fear will continue being moe. Also, Kirika~

Overall impression: “Random and Gory. With Moe! Why not?”

Fate Zero

It’s Fate Zero. If you haven’t heard of it, get out from under the roof or pull your head outta your arse. To sum it all up, I’m going to use Internet slang. Awesome Epic Action with plenty of gore and badassery. Still not convinced? The storyline is really detailed. And absorbing. Also, badass Servants. There are 2 eps left for the first half of the show but I suppose there will be 1 more huge ass battle galore. Also, someone is probably gonna die on the last ep.

Chibi. Because I found it hilarious

Overall impression: “I want to see Irisviel X Saber. Also, I wanna see Berserker live up to his/her name. Again”

Guilty Crown

Probably the biggest let down of the season, Guilty Crown has not even come close to living up to the hype they made about it. Sure the art is by Redjuice and the music is by Supercell. But it’s one of those cases of “Can it live up to the hype?” However, despite its flaws, this show is just about as entertaining as C3. Guilty Crown does not comes close to Fate Zero in terms of its entertainment value but Guilty Crown has a lot of eps left. It could. We won’t noe eh.  I’m guessing that the next few eps for this season is gonna have Shu thrown into more shit and maybe he’ll confess to Inori! (I doubt it)

Overall impressions: “It’s like childhood heroes and dreams. They seemed better on the poster”

Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam (Fam of Silver Wing)

This show is currently tied with Fate Zero for sheer awesome value. Something about the combination of Steampunk, airships, a Shoujo-Ai element (come on, the OP is really obvious with all the red lines) and excellent animation resonates in me about this show. As with quite a bit of the other animes in this post, it has plenty of eps left. I’m currently at 8/21. In the next few eps, I suppose we’ll see Giselle perhaps come to grips with herself and Fam’s gonna get into more trouble.


Mashiroiro Symphony, The colour of lovers

One of the harem shows of this season, we have the usual incredibly charming male protagonist and his harem of cute girls who are all infatuated with him. I really did not want to watch this show at first since it seemed mediocre Not to mention that there is a common impression that animes based of a Visual Novel don’t usually end up doing well. However, Mashiroiro grew onto me and I’m kinda sad that’ll it’ll end in 2 more eps. The art is rather decent and the storyline and character interactions are rather good too (although there are still those moments of default, must-have conversations involving loads of moe). I’m guessing that we’ll see Shingo and Miu’s relationship get revealed to everyone but as I said about Haganai, it is rather tough to guess what’ll happen next in a Slice-of-life.

Overall Impression “Where’s my Sena X Sana”

Persona 4: The animation

What at first seemed like a serious show which instead turned out into a comedy with moments of seriousness, I’m standing on the border with this show. Do I like it or dislike it?   On 1 hand, I like the action and the comedy but on another, I’ve been watching ep after ep of people discovering their true self with the same scripted lines. The characters do have some depth of course but that’s not enough to completely redeem the show in my eyes unless they do something awesome soon. There is an unknown number of eps left and I can’t guess what’s going to happen next. I think we’ll see the guy who wears blue “discover” his Persona and maybe find the murderer.

Big and Badass

Overall Impression “This shit is hilarious. And I get to watch giant beings beat the crap outta each other”

Tamayura ~Hitotose~

The other show that is tied for being my favourite of this season, Tamayura is a very light and heartwarming show of the adventures of a girl moving back to her home town and he adventures thereafter. I really do love this show. The art is soft and soothing and the characters extremely likeable. Their interactions are not incredibly boring or scripted and the little problems they face aren’t too serious to ruin the lightness of the show. You really can’t be depressed or frustrated after watching an ep. Being a slice-of-life, your guess on what happens next is as good as mine.

Overall Impressions “Another show that really should be Shoujo-Ai. And its so cute overall :3”

Well, that was it. All the show I’ve started watching this season and my current impressions of them listed our in about 1100 words. If you made it this far and have not moved to another page, you must be really bored or interested. Either way, have a cookie.

I’m looking forward to the end of this season due to the amount of show I’ve enjoyed watching. I really want to see their endings. Gladly, its not going to be a long wait for that.


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