Tsun-dere Maids Are Moe! (Kai-chou wa Maid-sama Season Review)

Ok guys and girls, a quick announcement, the winter season animes are all out so an impressions blog will be done on them soon. (Actually not so soon, it depends on how lazy we are) Ok, back to the topic, about a week ago, I started on the anime Kaichou wa Maid-sama, in other words, the Student Council President is a Maid! One thing that caught my eye was that the anime had a genre called shoujo. It means it is meant more for the ladies, but surprisingly, at the end, I found it to be an extremely enjoyable anime but more on that later. Again spoilers inside. (Not really, but I will do the summary of the entire story….)

It looks girly, I know, but awesomeness cancels out girlishness...

Kaichou wa Maid-sama is basically a girl with a poor family background, Misaki, has to work in a maid café, Maid Latte, since most maid cafes offer quite high pays for the things they have to do. Nope not much problem, except she is the student council president back at her school, which was recently turned from all boys to a mixed school. At school, she is extremely strict with the guys and they will do their best to shovel dirt on her so if they found out about her job, it means her school life is screwed. That’s the most I can shorten the plot.

Yes, it is that bad....

So it turns out someone did find out about her secret.  It’s a handsome but stoner dude who from what it seems like, has is feared and respected by all the boys. Usui! Why did I do the dramatic character introduction OTL. He finds out about Misaki’s secret and the show is basically their daily lives mixed with romance between the two characters.

Is it.... love at first sight?

Ok let’s do the same format I did for the AnoHana review. First, the “critic” point of view. (You can also use the word hater) hmm…. Actually it is kind of hard to criticize; I guess one thing that did not really appealed to me was that most of the different incidences in the anime had the same recipe I guess. It took me really long to think of something that can be criticized as I could not really pin-point any big problems with it.

If you do not get the joke, he is saying his name is "Usui I am Not"

For the more casual and relaxed point of view, this anime is definitely extremely enjoyable to watch. The comedy and romance blends in together especially at the last few episodes. Most romance animes I have watched do not really mix the two themes well enough so it becomes crap.

The Moe sister.... interesting character...

What I also liked was the character design. All the characters have what looks as simple but in reality rather deep personalities. And to people who are interested in side characters, this anime also gives a lot of room for the side characters to wreck havoc which is interesting to watch. But the main thing is… Usui. What struck me was “How frigging amazing is that guy??? A guy like that does not exist!”

She is asking the question every guy is wondering about....

If you are wondering why I said that even after watching an anime, you are most likely to be a girl cause in reality, guys like that do not really exist. He is too perfect. But for girls, you can continue to dream a guy like this exists cause I want to dream the type of girls in anime exist in real life. He has the best traits of all the guys out there and the only negative thing is he is annoying in an extremely cute way. (God I sound like a girl)

See? Both cute and annoying

So overall this anime was really fun to watch and this is high on my recommendation list. It is interesting to say the least and my final words to you about this anime are, “Watch how freaking amazing guy Usui is!” remember to enjoy the anime, cause that’s why we all watch it.

One of the 9999999 things he is perfect at

And one more thing, the Opening is really nice as well and suits the mood of the show. And it has a really catchy tune. Ok , K thanks bye.

yah... kthxbai

So we are at the end of yet another review, so let me thank you for supporting this blog. Lately we have been getting a lot more views so for that I want to thank the viewers. ほんとえにありがとえございます! In other words thank you very much, btw I think I typed that out wrongly…. てへぺろ!(*w-)and my computer does not support Japanese emoticons. Ok enough ranting, MOE PICTURE! and if you liked this post, like it. if you commented this post, comment it!

What can i say.... IT'S MEGANNE SEASON!



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  1. I wants moar picturez!!! #w*
    Random ramblings aside, I haven’t had the chance to watch this when it aired (classes!), but after reading the review, I feel like, I’d probably enjoy this anime, so I have added this to the list of animes that I will watch (once I have the means to anyways)
    In regards to your typing, you simply used 「え」(e) instead of 「う」(u), but overall it sends the message quite well 😀

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