It’s the UMI! (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai ep 10 & 0 review)

Hey wassup? I just wanted to try greeting you guys in a new way. Episode 10 is finally out which means one thing. That the season is reaching its end.  You may have read Cyborg’s post and shocked yourself realizing that the fall season is about to end. You may also be wondering why is there going to be a review of episode 0. I will explain it all later. There are speculations/predictions in this post so watch out!

they look really... cool....

Basically episode 10 is a training camp for them to prepare themselves for when they are popular. (Again, never going to happen) In other words, they spent a day at the beach having fun. Sounds familiar to another training camp? (K-ON! Anybody?) They do (somewhat) normal stuff like swimming telling ghost stories along with some questionable things. So it’s really your normal episode at the beach kind of thing.

Ok... I take that back, it is not a normal "day at the beach"

This episode is entertaining, Rika proving time and time again how weird can she get. Come on, train fetish?!? That just is just freaky. Just what kind of girl is she? A genius with a really weird fetish for 2 pieces of metal hitting each other? Why do I have so many question marks?

Metal hitting metal.... isn't that just so erotic?

Another interesting part was the ghost story. With the exception of Yozora, everyone else have no idea how to tell a ghost story. Sorry Kodaka, but honestly I do not feel the least bit afraid of the Miso Soup of HORROR! On the other hand, Yozora’s story topped with the creepy graphics freaked me out.

No kidding... when I saw this, I jumped back, then spun around to make sure it was not happening in real life

So in terms of how much I enjoyed this episode, I will give it about an 8/10. Great episode in other words. If you have not noticed I started a new way of reviewing anime, for me I feel that you should not bother how good an anime is, because everyone has their own taste. So everything will be rated on how much I enjoyed it and I give my reasons and you watch it and see if you enjoyed it. This is entertainment so why judge entertainment? Just enjoy it!

Never betray your friends.... cause if you do.... she's going to go after you

And now…. For my speculation on what is going to happen. Firstly, episode 0 is basically an introduction to the series and shows the club doing activities and having fun. Yozora and Sena actually got along. So far, every one of their activities is shown in a much happier version. So my prediction is so far every one of those scenes become an episode, SO, the scenes that have not been in an episode will most likely be the next few episodes.

When I saw this, I instantly knew that the poor dude was hallucinating

And… my main prediction is….. (drum roll), episode 12 is going to be about them having a hotpot. It is going to happen, probably.

Hot pot or zombie invasion... take your pick

Ok, if you guys are wondering, this is not considered a AniChristmas post, it is my usual Boku post, but if I cannot find an idea to write about, I will give the excuse and this will be considered a christmas post, so please give me an idea and comment, cause the things I have planned to rant about are really cliché. Enough talking, since you want MOAR… I give you MOE!

Azunyan Meganne.... i have been saving it.... ^.^


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