On the First Day of AniChristmas (Seiyuu Introduction Post)

On the first day of AniMas(shortened the name to suit the song), InterestSoap gave to me, a blog post about seiyuus. You can sing that but I know it is a really cheesy intro, but you get the idea right? Today I am going to give you guys are blog post about seiyuu.

1. That is a seiyuu and 2. She's an adult She's Itou Kanae BTW

First thing first, I know you will definitely be asking me this… why a post about a seiyuu? I have only one thing to say to that. I’m a seiyuu nut and I hope that through the posts, you will understand why I respect/revere/worship this people and enjoy their work. Most of the information I am telling now is information I have gathered while researching on seiyuu myself so I hope you will enjoy it.

Seiyuus Hanazawa Kana and Taketatsu Ayana

For now, I am going give you guys a brief introduction to the world of seiyuu and what you want to do from then is all up to you. Ok? Ok. First, seiyuu are Japanese voice actors and are in a completely different world to their American counterparts. So for this post I will tell you the great perks and downs of being a seiyuu.

1. Becoming One in the First Place

It is actually a lot more complicated than this, but basically, there are mainly 4 ways to becoming a seiyuu.

They can

1. Go to a specialist seiyuu training course run by an affiliated school

2. Take a voice acting course at a vocational school

3. Win one-off open auditions for a production or advertisement. And finally

4. Branch out from another entertainment form. (i.e. Singing)

For those who go to Seiyuu School or a vocational school they have to put in many hours of practice and money to even complete it. It costs 2.6k Singapore Dollars (Do the conversion yourself) for only the starter course. And let me put it simply, even if you complete their most advance courses, you will still not be guaranteed a job as a seiyuu.

A day in Seiyuu class

Even those who win auditions still have to put in a lot more effort to become a seiyuu, no matter what path you choose you need to put in effort a lot of it. If you want the really detailed explanation on the whole process, go here.

2. The Things Seiyuu Have to Do

Did you think that seiyuu just voice act? Wrong! Back in school, (did not have space to mention this) they have to learn how to sing and dance. Some even form Seiyuu Groups like Sphere or Ro-Kyu_Bu. The things seiyuu have to do in their jobs include, voicing over characters, photo shoots, radio shows and live events. So it is hard for a seiyuu to actually have a day off work.

Seiyuu Doing Radio Show; Yuuki Aoi and Toyosaki Aki

Seiyuu from Ro-Kyu-Bu at photo shoot: Hikasa Youko and Hanazawa Kana

Yes... they can dance.... Seiyuu Taketatsu Ayana

3. The Perks

None whatsoever. Nah, just kidding. As far as I can see, from my perspective, the best thing about being a seiyuu is that it is fun. Most seiyuu are anime fans as well, for example Yuuki Aoi, and they love to be in this anime world.  So, to get a job that you love doing, I don’t mind putting in this much effort.

You dare say this is not fun? Seiyuu Hikasa Youko with a Sound Director

4. Occupational Hazards

Surprisingly, they have these. It seems that in Japan, there ore Otakus out there who are even more desperate then I am and go to great lengths to stalk various seiyuu. A place where these people gather is 2channel. (Just kidding, no seriously) Some post up threats and deface the posters of the seiyuu are in or destroy the figures whose character the seiyuu voices as. Let’s leave it at that. It’s a touchy topic.

I have nothing to say nor do I want to

5. Why they are awesome people

From what I can see through the radio shows and what they write on their blogs, unless they act really well and not slip once, they are nice people and are surprisingly normal. Not Hollywood Star-ish but people you can actually encounter on a train ride. So it gives you the impression they are closer than you think. (Too creepy?)

You can actually meet them in public places.... or at live events

And one of the best parts is that most of the time to be a seiyuu you have to look “cute” enough. Seriously, it is a requirement. So most seiyuu are above average in the looks department, they are also mostly gamers! Completely different from the American female gamers you see. (no offence)

Seiyuu Group: Ro-Kyu-Bu

Ok, so that brings me to the end of the first day of AniChristmas. If you feel amazed by seiyuu, welcome to the club, you are not the only one. So…. Comment down your thoughts about this and anything else. Again you can tweet me over here and again I am very open to suggestions. So feel free to comment, criticize or ask me a question. If I made a mistake, feel free to scream at me at here or Twitter. So, enjoy the holiday season and enjoy this Moe picture. Happy holidays! Day 2 is over here.

Yay... its moe


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  1. I’m extremely angry at my network (since it for some reason doesn’t load the large pictures, but it loads the thumbnail in the “Blogs I’m Following” page in WordPress [P.S. on the only available network here, my uni network orz]).
    Senseless raging aside, I love seiyuus for the work they had done in bringing us the great anime character voices. (though I don’t know much about them [no internet at home, go figure]) Without the dedication of these folks, we wouldn’t have the voices of Azusa or Lelouch or Rin or (I could go on, but the list would be really long).
    Stalkers (?) going to the point of doing those things? . . . Well, I guess when people have too much free time on their hands (or refuse this reality), they tend to do those things. [yeah right, says the stalker himself]

    • lol we are all stalkers to a certain extent…. i did quite a lot of research to learn more about seiyuus…. most people just find it weird to be interested in the seiyuu but i find it amazing at these people who devote time and energy to make the great voices! just look at the dubs -.-* and the topic of stalkers is still kind of controversial so i dont really want to touch it ….xP

  2. I also have a growing obsession with seiyuus and aim to identify as many as I can in different series — I don’t know, I just get some sort of self-satisfaction from guessing it right. Seiyuus put a lot of effort and so I believe it is right to acknowledge them, complement them and maybe, obsess over them a tiny bit (read: a massive amount). Although there are lots of skilled female seiyuus out there like Hocchan, Yukarin, Ayachii, Shizuka Itou, Mamiko Noto, Matsuoka Yuki, Megumi Hayashibara, etc., I’ve recently been trying to familiarise myself with the male seiyuus and expand my voice recognition skills after Miyano Mamoru’s stellar performance as Okarin in Steins;Gate. Ishida Akira, Okamoto Nobuhiko and Jun Fukuyama are seiyuus that are garnering a lot of roles lately.

    When watching anime, I also find myself repeating the lines and trying to say it with the same precision, speed, tone and emotion as these skilled people but I usually get tongue-twisted or can’t put as much emotion as them (seriously, those shouting and crying scenes are HARD). Anyways, before I keep rambling, I’d like to say that seiyuus are awesome people who have much harder jobs than most people think and that your post is really informative to those that are just scraping the surface of this undervalued occupation.

    • yeah… you should see those live dubbing sessions… lol i am already obsessing over them. thanks for the comment!

      • You should check out this pseudo-anime called Ad Lib Anime Kenkyuujo if you haven’t already. It’s a show where they get random seiyuus in to improvise lines on the spot which pertains to a certain scenario they are assigned. I find it really interesting even though nothing really happens, haha.

      • l’ll try to find a subbed version lol…. my japanese is still kinda bad… its horrible OTL

  3. I agree,they are Normal people, not like other actors/actress.. ^^

  4. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your
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