The 12 Days AniChristmas! (Introduction and to Prepare You for RANTING)

Do you hear that? That glorious sound? It is the sound of Christmas! Thanks to Cyborg I received the news really late (Just 5 minutes ago), that some people blog for the 12 days of AniChristmas. And it starts on the 13th of December, which is about to end in 5 minutes. So right now I am rushing to get it down. So for the next 12 days I will do my best in posting a post every day for the constant viewers. (I ❤ you guys- no homo)

With cute girls greeting you, it's gonna be a great season

For now this post is to more or less give you an idea what I am planning to write about, if you want to comment on what you would like me to rant about, I will gladly do so. In fact I need the ideas. Doing 12 posts in 12 days is physically demanding.

I can has idea? Give me that "Ah! I got it!" look and I will thank you

So now the main things I can talk about are… 1. Anime(Duh), 2. AniSongs(if you guys like it) and 3. Seiyuus, since I really enjoy their work and admire them. Without them the world of anime will not exist so RESPECT them. And I find many seiyuus really good eye-candy. てへぺろ

What did I tell you? Eye candy!

Most of my posts are going to be rants and since I took in caffeine, they will be really ranty. So please bear with it and if you could get anything out of it, good for you if you do not really get it, I apologize. So for now, please COMMENT ideas (I really need them) or tweet me for anything you want me to do. Special request anything, I will take them.

All of these are inside jokes of Seiyuu, if you want to know what they say.... ask me I will explain

So let us end this post with a Moe Picture and start the 12 day of AniChristmas. いくよう!はじめましょう!So remember, comment on what you want to see! sorry about the image issue, it has been resolved. photobucket was not nice to me…. CLICK HERE to start your AniChristmas Journey

Meganne Season is still going.... but since there are 12 days, there will be Christmas themed Moe


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  1. I’m interested in knowing the inside joke that your mentioning, can you translated it to me?

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