On the Second Day of AniChristmas (Popular Character Characteristics)

On the second day of AniChristmas, IntrestSoap gave to me, a character summary! You might be wondering, what the heck is a character summary? To be honest, I do not know what to call it, so let me explain it to you. I am going to give you a brief summary of as many types of character types there are because it is interesting to see how character designers come out with the many characters we see.

geddit? japanese characters... lots of them

So, are you ready… it might not be as good as you expect, but here I go! (Some of the examples of characters will be repeated if they have both traits and the characters are not very diverse as my anime view count is still kinda low)

1. The Blur One aka The Stoner

A rather common character in many animes, the Stoner is the character that is usually ditsy and has no idea what is going on half the time or acts that way. Sometimes (only sometimes), the stoner has hidden talents or is really good at something.

Example: Hirasawa Yui (K-ON!), Run (A-Channel), Takumi Usui (Kaichou wa Maid-sama)

2. The Choleric aka The Extremely Noisy and Hyper One

Most of the characters I will say are quite common by the way. The Choleric is the loud-mouth character and usually used for humor. They are the funnyman and usually get hit by someone throughout the show. They are the ones who seem to be bouncing of the walls and annoying people.

Example: Tainaka Ritsu (K-ON!), Maho Misawa (Ro-Kyu-Bu!), Toshinou Kyouho (Yuru Yuri)

3. The 4 deres… (I only know 4)

The 3 deres. Yandere, Kuudere, Tsundere and Dandere

Yandere is the character that sticks to the one he/she likes and will use any means possible to get close to the one they like. By any means, I mean ANY means. Some are even scary… google School Days.

Example: Aragaki Ayase (OreImo), Shirai Kuruko (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun)

Kuudere is the one who does not seems to care about the one he/she likes, and only show their true emotions very seldom. Other than that, they mostly go around with a poker face.

Example: Sen Yarizui (Ben-To)

Tsundere, the most well known one. It is the character that switches being curt and blunt (tsun tsun) to being sentimental and sweet (dere dere) Considered a very moe trait, in fact all are considered moe traits

Example: Shana (Shakugan no Shana), Nakano Azusa (K-ON!), Kanzaki Aria.H (Hidan no Aria)

Dandere, one who is extremely gentle, kind those some people might say meek.

Example: Furukawa Nagisa (CLANNAD), Kashii Airi (Ro-kyu-bu!)

4. The Genius

Kinda obvious, the Genius is the one who is really good at what he/she does and everyone respect them for that. (most of the times) Not much explanation needed.

Example: Yamato Kira (Gundam Seed), Nakano Azusa (K-ON!), Ryoma Echizen (Prince of Tennis)

5. The Well-Endowed Ones

These characters are female characters that have… large… assets. They are usually envied and teased for their … assets and their figure. You guys know what I am saying right?

Example: Mio Akiyama (K-ON!!), Yuuko (A-Channel)… there are others… but these are the most PG.

6. The Cute Ones/ Lolis

They are the cute characters, the ones that are usually young and look EXREMELY CUTE. You get the idea.

Example: Entire Casts of K-ON! and Ro-kyu-bu!…. do I need to explain?

7. Trap or Reverse Traps

These two terms are for characters of a sex who look A LOT like someone of the other sex. It works both ways if I am not wrong.

Example: Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu), Kikuchi Makoto (THE IDOLM@STER)

Most of the time these characteristics are mixed as a character having only one of these traits will seem really empty and boring. Not to mention unrealistic. And yes I know there are a lot more of characteristics that I did not mention, but these are the first things that come to my mind. If you want me to make a part 2, COMMENT, I will be happy to do another one, though it will take me a longer time.

I know that this is not really a fantastic post, but I would like to share with you about how these traits make the show come together. Honestly I had a lot of fun writing this post and if you like it comment, I you don’t like it, tell me why. If I made a mistake, you can yell at me across the internet. So, until then, I will be staring at this picture. This post has been extremely tiring argh….

This is moe enjoy it

Day 3 Post


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  1. I’m seeing the Japanese character at the top as something I shouldn’t see from it (O.o)
    In other news, it’s a pretty good post, for the beginners at character recognition (or those like me who just can’t remember character types). That aside, it also shows the variety (or perhaps basic character sets?) of characters in animes. The pretty pictures makes the post even more interesting, IMHO.
    We have just received this breaking news; female traps are called reverse traps!

    • thanks for the info… going to make the changes now…. lol going to find a more G-rated pic

      • Yes! Saved the new image for use of study later!
        Our “Hot Issues” reporter just came back with a story, male readers like to see pretty pictures of girls! Who would’ve known that?
        Random ramblings aside, お疲れ様でした~(おつかれさまでした~) this kind of factual posting takes a lot of time and effort, that only the ones who loves what they do would do 😀

      • lol thanks for the compliment…. lol if the male readers like to see cute stuff…. you guys want a post about moe?

    • Reverse traps: Less troll than traps.

  2. A post of cute girls would be okay, but there is such a thing as too much. A post describing moe (you sure you wanna be doing that long factual post again? or, you could opt to describe what you consider as moe, why you love them, the conventional moe, stuff like that) would be great! (Yuri >> everything though :p)

    • a short factual part then why i enjoy it… the ranting part is definitely going to be longer…. research is tiring. today is a particular seiyuu post…. gonna get started on it later

  3. Excuse me! I think Sen Yarizui is not a kuudere character but dandere character! because
    she just keep her moth shut all time. besides, in the final episode of Ben-To, the protagonist criticize her and call her idiot, she doesn’t return the criticized.

    • hmm… thats an interesting way to look at it. i call her kuudere is because she does not show much emotions most of the time, like a kuudere

  4. I think Arase is not 100% Yandere but 50%! because she doesn’t have killing intent.
    I think Shirai is some sort of a Yandere Lesbian Girlfriend of Misaka Mikoto.

    • there are definitely better examples of Yandere, but i really do not want to watch school days to give you that as an example. i have not watched many animes yet so these were the best i could come up with at that time.
      shirai is just obsessed over her “onee-sama” lol

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