On the Fourth Day of AniChristmas (Post on Life Lessons Anime Gives)

On the fourth day of AniChristmas, InterestSoap gave to me, a blog post about live lessons that anime give you. Wow, that’s a mouthful. For the earlier days of this season I have been doing mostly factual posts, so this time, it is a post from the heart. (cough cough) This post is going to be about what lessons I have/can learn (t) from watching the various anime I have watched. So, shall we begin?

For once this is going to be serious.... actually nope....

First, a quick note, some of these points may sound a bit nonsensical as I do not really know how to phrase the words properly, so if you cannot understand what I am saying, feel free to yell at me across the internet. The anime that I have chosen are slightly random so do not be surprised if I hate on some.

On a side note, cute girls hating are cute

1. Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai -Siblings

This show is basically about a brother covering up for his Otaku sister. What amazed me the most was how far he was willing to go to help his sister even though even risking getting into a crap load of shit. Sometimes although they don’t show it, I guess siblings do watch over each other will do a lot for each other. Though I highly doubt anyone with siblings will admit it. (Like me) I guess we will never know until that particular situation presents itself to us.

Ahh.... look at the harmony between them

2. Zero no Tsukaima- Life is freaking unfair

Let me put this honestly, I did not enjoy this anime at all. There is no moral angle for this show at all! (SPOILER) Louise breaks a law, causes problems with another freaking country and what does she get? A freaking reward! How the F^#% is that normal? (this is the part which I said I would be hating) She is not a nice person, but she just complains on the tiny things and does not appreciate the things around her that she has.

I did not enjoy this anime so much I did not want to get a good pic for it... -.-*

3. Angel Beats- 2nd Chances

You all have heard of this one right? The whole afterlife story. I guess one thing that really stuck me about this anime is that you always get a second chance. But even if you do get a second chance, do not waste it away. Afterlife might not always be true, but no matter what you always have a second chance in doing something. I don’t really know about third, but there is always try number two.

Want to thank a person for saving you? Don't worry you'll have a chance

4. Usagi Drop- Parents are awesome

This heartwarming story brings you a rather simple message that almost every one can understand. Your parents/guardians love you and even if you do not share the same blood, they have made plenty of sacrifices for you and you should appreciate them. It is kind of sad it took a show to allow me to realize that.

So be a man/woman, give your parents a hug!

5. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai- Friends are Important

You should already know what the show is about seeing I did a review about it. Friends are the one that keep you going. Other then for those loner moments you have, you will want to be surrounded by friends. Japanese believe strongly in friends and working as a team, something I definitely admire. They even have a saying, “The nail sticking out gets hammered down.” which means that they do not like show-offs and you work as a team, with your friends and comrades.

BTW: try not to confuse true friends with fake ones

6. Ben-To- Journey makes the End better

I just started on this anime a day before this post, but I more or less fell in love with it. It is basically people fighting for food. But one part struck me the most was one of the values the show showed. The harder it is for you to achieve a goal, the greater you feel when you get it. So for that, I am going to work really hard and try to get into the anime industry. *.*

How to make food taste better? Pummel 10 people to get it

7. K-ON!!

Of course I will end with my favorite anime. This show not only showed me that cuteness can give you diabetes, introduced to me the world of anime and let me realize an important life lesson. No matter what, make sure that you do what you love and not do what other people expect out of you. If you love music, practice it to no end. Even though you hate that subject, treat it as if you loved it and I can assure you your results will improve. It works in the workplace as well for the older readers.

Yes, I really love this anime

So that safely wraps up day 4 of AniChristmas. Thanks for all the support you all have been giving for clicking. We have more views these few days then we ever had in the history of InterestSoap, so for that I sincerely thank you. If anything you would like to say, comment. And please offer more suggestions. Thanks to CTheHash for giving me an idea on the next post. Until tomorrow, MOE picture time! Day 5

Stress Relief, stare at this photo for extended period of time


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  1. I’m touched (both with the post and the honorable mention).
    Had cold yesterday, so was offline to recover.
    Truly, watching animes really have helped me learn a lot of life lessons that I might otherwise have never experienced in my real life (most of them are already mentioned in the post, so to avoid redundancy, opted them out).
    There is something that I feel like I should mention (this sappy chap is about to get sappy)
    Clannad – on life and love (and that electrician too)
    This show really made me appreciate life more
    (and the first ever to have made me cry bucket-loads of tears), and it gave me the motivation I needed to live life more fully. The love between the parent and child (Tomoya and Ukio in After Story) is just so touching (which led me to, Y U NO HAPPEN IRL?), and Nagisa and Tomoya just makes me go d’aw. The ending in After Story is really the ending that everyone (I hope) wanted in the beginning.
    Ended up making extra content on the post (which shows how good the post is! [to me anyways]). A good and educational read 😀

    • Seems like there were some mistakes on the tags, really need to check them properly next time before hitting that Post Comment button =.=

      • hmmm…. todays post might be out a bit later…. i am thinking should i pull out the hidden moe weapon post or think of a new one and save the post.

  2. Post what you think is best! If you want to save moe for later (as something that you really like, as in, save the best for last), that’s okay too. Just never ever post feeling annoyed. You’ll regret it later #SpeakingFromExperience

    • lol the new post is up…. its not good… but i had a really bad mind block… but after watching Tamayura OVA… i feel good…. time to marathon it for the season review

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