On the Fifth Day of AniChristmas (I really have no idea so I ranted Kind of Post)

After reading Cyborg’s post on AOIA, the first line got my attention. “Today’s post was kindly sponsored by absolute boredom and a lack of ideas.” And yes, likewise, after 4 days I am running out of ideas and there are ideas I do not want to use yet. So for this post, I am going to write it first then think of the title. It is completely impromptu. And thankfully after wrecking my brains, I have an idea…. Ranting and Spammage of Random Facts. (If you like it I might do one next time after planning and thinking about it longer)

The Figure I got, Nendoroid Ritsu

Not long ago, I planned to get a figure. I literally spent hours looking around for it and I did not get the one that I initially planned on. But still, the figure I got was awesome and has now made me start wondering how these figures are made. So here is a video, the part about figures is slightly towards the end but watch the whole thing it’s interesting.

Now the person who produced this video, some of you might already heard of him before, is Danny Choo, in my opinion, one of the most successful anime fan out there. He lives in Japan, has good connections with Good Smile Company, and gets to talk to seiyuus. A live many of us would like to live and the life I plan to get. If you want to know more about him just google his name.

So for now… my brain has really left me with not many ideas, so really sorry today’s post is crap. I know it is. So now I really need your help if there is anything you want me to rant about, research for you about, questions you want to ask just comment them here or tweet me. I really need ideas now. So for now I going to marathon Tamayura Hitose and make it for a season review tomorrow. Until then, Moe picture.

My twitter background... hee hee

Day 6


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  1. Would very much liked to have known what the content of that video was.
    Well, it can’t be helped, network’s got to save on the bandwidth and such. I’m certain it’s an awesome video (Danny Choo is an inspiration!).

    On to the actual comment. A bit of humor and a break is pretty good too, once in a while. As a guy who likes pressing that Surprise me button, I would prefer (of course, this is simply my biased opinion,) to be surprised on what I read (or rather, I don’t really know what to ask, apart from more anime related post/experience :D).

    • lol dun worry, i have brainstormed a lot of ideas, many surprised me, so look forward to them. sometimes you just have to just relax and ideas come to you…. LOL to make sure i dont forget them i’m writing them down every time i get an idea.

  2. Ritsu! That’s a cute figure for sure! 😛

    Just think more and you’ll get some new ideas! 😀

  3. thanks… got quite a few now… at last =)

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