It Finally Happened! “That Moment” (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai ep 11)

Let me start with summarizing this episode in a few words. “OH MY GOD AT LAST”. Yes, the episode that makes you go “Wow” and many other wild exclamations is here. Not every part of this episode was good, but those few moments just made me start talking gibberish. Anywhat, this episode is basically the Festival kind of episode, like last time was a beach episode.

The trolling Firework,,,, something every festival must have

After a quick conversation about going to the festival, the entire group decides to go to the festival after talking randomly a while. They end up going to the festival for Takoyaki and you get to see Kodaka raging people selling bad Takoyaki.

Takoyaki... if only they sold good Japanese food in Singapore

As usual, Yozora and Sena end up having one of their usual tournaments and pissing off every single game store owner. Rika proves she knows how to handle guns (no sexual innuendo implied) and the end up playing with fireworks. Yozora has an accident (no sexual innuendo implied) and followed by a gloomy mood. When school restarts, the moment we waited for arrived. You will find out later.

Meanwhile, think of as many sexual innuendos of this picture as possible

For now, let me just talk about the episode for a while. Mainly 2 things caught my attention. First, the event Rika was talking about, if I am not wrong, is Comiket, a place where you can buy limited edition doujins and other anime stuff, but it’s a place for amateur artists to sell their work. What caught my attention was the cameo appearance by some of the OreImo characters. If you do not know about OreImo, google it then watch it, it is a great show. The cameo appearance could be because both animes come from the same producer AIC Build or that they are so poor they have to reuse material from OreImo.

If you do not spot the characters, or you have no idea what OreImo is, use google

Now for the great moment. Yozora and Kodaka finally realized that they were each other’s childhood friend Taka and Sora. When this part arrived, I was yelling “Yes!” and random words. I was expecting it for quite a while and the anime kind of built up for this moment, so I am excited to see what they do for the next episode. In my opinion, this definitely swings the relationships towards YozoraxKodaka.

Somehow, with short hair, she looks moe, less annoying and much less proud

So, the next episode will be the last, so I am excited to see how they round of this episode and if there is a chance for season 2. Meanwhile, quick message. For those of you who have been enjoying the 12 Days of AniChristmas, thanks for the support and for those of you who have not heard about it yet, check it out over here. Until then, Moe picture and see you for the 7th day of AniChirstmas.

To be able to draw this, I would sell my soul.... then regain it from looking at this picture


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  1. You really yelled at the last bit?
    I kinda……did a meh face

  2. Those pictures! They are too epic! (dies from heart overuse whereby the heart wasn’t prepared for all the moe and excitement of the post)
    [Uses the Aegis of Immortal picked up earlier from killing Roshan to recover from death]
    Fanboying aside, an awesome post (since I am not able to enjoy BokuTomo/Haganai until it’s finished [network problems ==”] → orz) on what many have been expecting from the show (though some may not agree, but that’s purely another’s point of view, not mine). Seems like the, wheels of fate are turning (← shameless rip off from BlazBlue, but who cares?) and are finally moving in favor of Yozora 8D

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