On the Sixth Day of AniChristmas (American Cartoons and Anime Discussion)

On the sixth day of AniChrirstmas, InterestSoap gave to me, a post about the greatest debates ever. (Not really) I know the last post was really bad, but I got my writing mood back and the damn writer’s block is gone. So the topic for today is, American Animation and Anime, which one is better?

This picture has nothing to do with the post, I just thought it looked cool

I know this topic is kind of a landmine, if those Cartoon Network people read this, it means I am going to get killed xP. So to prevent my death and any flame wars, I am just going to compare them. Firstly, what is the main difference between American Cartoons and Anime? I guess it’s mostly the art style and stuff, as most people have seen, but I found some other things.

No offence, if I see this in an anime I might puke.

Honestly speaking, I watch American Cartoons really seldom, but I noticed one thing. Most the things that happen in these cartoons are usually rather insane and crazy. Most of the shows I have watched do not even have humans! Cough cough, the life story of a sponge? Anime features more human characters and the non-human characters usually (most of the time) do not even talk. Compare the two characters.

Now I am definitely not saying that American Cartoons are better than Anime or vice versa, but these two forms of entertainment are too different to be able to be compared. The roots of both are completely different, so they may both involve animation, but the style and many other things are really different.

Again, I think this picture looks cool and it's Chirstmas

Anime focus on the voice actors a lot more than American Cartoons which explains the great competition to be a seiyuu in Japan. I do not know much about voice actors from other countries but from listening to dubs, you will get the general idea.

Seiyuu are awesome... enough said. K-ON!! for LIFE

Another thing is diversity. Most anime (with a few exceptions) are usually short. I am sure all of you readers know the few exceptions. Every season, a heck lot of anime gets released, but most American cartoons focus on the 10 season of that one show. So for people who love to choose from a wide range of shows, anime is for you.

And this is only for the next season

Cyborg showed me this video some time ago, the video is already quite old but it has certain points. I would love to get into a debate with him and by debate I mean fight to the death, but that would put Otakus in a bad light. In my opinion, the reason why some people do not like anime is because they prefer a different style, hence the root of all the hate when two people of different like meet.

So what do you think? That guy brings up some good points despite in a very douchebaggy manner and he made the extremely wise move of posting a vlog of it online. I cannot say which is better of the two, but I can say this. ANIME IS MORE POPULAR! I do not see any Cartoon Festival Asia but I do see an Anime Festival Asia!

Take that Cartoon lovers

So that’s the end of day six. So I have done one of the most controversial topics, what do you think? I know I take a biased stand, but I tried to be as fair as possible. What do you think of the video (sorry CTheHash)? What do you think of the guy and his arguments? Until tomorrow, Moe picture. Day 7

Tis the season to look at extremely cute girls.... sdfssefe cuuuute


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  1. About the video, I think it’s that guy who’s pissed off at otakus (yes, they were at fault here) who were basically saying anime is better than American cartoon because… and handed him the bullets he needed to rebut in that video (I remember seeing it before, and I do agree with some of the points he raised though).

    Thing is, he’s seeing it in the same way that the guys who pissed him off did, in terms of why American cartoons are better than anime. He’s not seeing it from the practical and subjective point of view, that is, anime targets a different audience than cartoons (for the most part [IIRC, the only anime he ever watched was DBZ ← using this as a standard to measure all other anime is a fallacy]) and that each person possesses a different taste when it comes to these matters.

    While most American cartoons target the younger audiences (at times, they do appeal to the older audience with references to terms or events that the younger audience does not really comprehend), anime targets a wider audience with the wider topic and selection that they have. Anime, IMHO, is the embodiment of people get bored quickly, put lots of selection (though they may be similar) so that people can make their pick. In Japan, it is rare to have so many episodes of anime (save maybe Bleach, Naruto, One Piece) because they keep coming up with new animes, mangas and amazing artwork (that may be similar to another in some ways, but different enough to warrant an anime [that, or the guys just want to make a fortune from the niche in the economic area that is known as the otaku lifestyle]).

    P.S. I watch Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel too sometimes (I’m a fan of Batman, Teen Titans, Avatar The Last Airbender [not the crappy movie though], Phineas and Ferb and such), but I prefer to watch anime (Code Geass rules [probably because Lelouch carried out my dream so perfectly], Clannad taught me life and love, Angel Beats! is just awesome, and many more that if mentioned would be too much). I’ve already rambled so much this looks more like a blog post than a comment.
    P.P.S. I know it’s probably already explained in the video, but this is just my take on it, so sorry if I posted a redundant comment.
    P.P.P.S. If I got the wrong video, then take this comment as a post on a similar subject that is related to the post 😀

    • lol its ok… as long as you enjoyed the post…. gonna have another brainstorming session tmr if i have the time….

  2. I like both American cartoons and anime. I grew up on American cartoons and I still watch them because frankly some of them are really quite good. I love Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, used to love Spongebob (it’s gotten kind of bad), The Venture Brothers, Family Guy (not as funny as it used to be), American Dad, The Cleveland Show, Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, just to name a few. However, I will say that anime has better storylines in my experience. There is true character development and as you pointed out, they use humans! Many shows are about human relationships and I love that. I understand the guy was upset with otakus but he came off sounding like a jerk. It shouldn’t be a competition, it should be about what you like. There is a lot of attention paid to the artwork detail in anime which I don’t see in American cartoons. I love good art and anime provides that for me.

  3. I’m waiting for the ragers to find your post 😛
    Either way, it was a great post. There will still be ragers though

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