On the Seventh Day of AniChirstmas (Post about Live Events)

On the seventh day of AniChristmas, InterestSoap gave to me, a post about live events. Before we start, let me ask you a question, other than selling anime merchandise, how can companies make money from people like us? The answer, live events and that is what I am going to talk about today.

Screenshot from Angel Beats Concert. LiSA ROCKS!

So far, the only live event I have ever been to was at AFA 2011, but it did not focus on one anime and rather a whole range of animes. Most of the events I have watched online or torrented are mostly based on a single anime. The ones I have watched so far are: K-ON!! Concert Come With Me, K-ON! Concert Let’s Go, Infinite Stratos One Off Festival and the Angel Beats Keep the Beats Concert, which have came out on Blu-ray and available for the public to torrent.

The other posters were just too big... tehepero

I have not been to any of those smaller scale live events so I have no idea how it goes, but most of the time the seiyuu for the characters are usually present and they entertain the crowd. If you have not noticed by now, this post will be more factual then me talking, so if you already know about these live events just skip to the bottom where I give my views.

(the other posters are that wide for me to make them fit I had to shrink the a lot)

These events, from what I have seen, consist of mainly three things. One, the seiyuu will be there and entertain the crowd with them talking to each other and describing the things they did during recording to playing games.

Somehow, Hikasa Youko always has weird things happening around her

Two, there will most likely be a part where the seiyuu perform a scene which is not seen in the anime where they voice as their characters and….

It is interesting to see the seiyuu live dub, you never really get to see their studio recordings

Three, they perform their character songs, insert songs from the anime or the opening and ending songs (either the seiyuu or the singer of the song does this).

My favourite part, seeing them sing is awesome....

So what do I think of this events? For a seiyuu nut like me, this kind of events are kind of cool, though it would be nicer if there were small scale events so you actually have a chance of meeting the seiyuu themselves. If the price is acceptable and does not really burn holes in my pocket I would be happy to go for it. It will definitely be cool to meet the seiyuu face to face.

They seem so close... so close....

So, what are your opinions of these events? Would you go, or would you just laugh at the people queuing up for the event? Comment your opinions; I want to know what the rest of the world thinks of this kind of events. Until then and by then I mean tomorrow, Moe picture! BTW, you guys have no idea how hard is it to edit pics using paint… >.< Day 8

Chirstmas in 5 days!


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  1. Live events are awesome in that, you don’t only get to meet those who made the anime so epic, you also get to meet people from real life that actually likes what you like!
    In regards to whether or not I’d go to live events, I really wish my pockets were deeper orz (my pockets are so shallow that I’m barely getting through the week ← saves money on food so that he can buy stuff that are related to anime in the future [never bought anything before due to lack of choice and resource, and degraded quality overall]).

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